Private Jet Flights to SDL: Scottsdale Airport - Scottsdale, AZ

SDL Private Jet Charter Flights to Scottsdale Airport

Scottsdale Airport Overview

Scottsdale Airport is the only way to fly directly into Scottsdale. It is still located about 10 miles from the city center, but it is an easy drive that requires limited knowledge of the area. This airport, with the code SDL, is both the primary airport to charter a private jet to Scottsdale and could be used as a way to visit the nearby cities as well as it has more amenities for charter flights than other airports.
Scottsdale has two FBOs. The nationwide Signature Flight Support, as well as Ross Aviation. Both are equipped with lounges, quality service, and new restaurants that make it possible to dine on-site. There are spas and resorts within minutes of the airport, and those planning to stay further away will find that the drive, while not short, is simple and convenient.

Though for many, Scottsdale is their only destination, the location of the airport makes it possible to visit other cities as well. For example:

  • Glendale – 22 miles.
  • Phoenix – 20 miles.
  • Tempe – 20 miles.
  • Mesa – 22 miles.

That makes a private jet to SDL a convenient way to visit any of the major cities in Arizona. And given that there are both business and recreational opportunities in each city, it may be something you choose to enjoy.

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evoJets can charter a private jet to SDL so that you can visit Scottsdale in a way that is comfortable and convenient. Call us today to get started, or to learn more about the different airport options.

Scottsdale Airport FBO Details

The following FBO’s are available for SDL private jet service:

  • Signature Flight Support
  • Ross Aviation

Scottsdale Airport Technical Information

Local Code SDL
Longest Runway 8,249 ft
Port of Entry Yes
Aircraft Supported 135 All
Elevation 1510
Airport Coordinates 33.6228981°, -111.9110031°
Airport Website Scottsdale Airport Official Website
Airport Address 15000 N Airport Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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