How much does a private jet charter cost at major airports?

Most aircraft based in major cities are kept at regional and executive airports that specialize in private jet travel.

At evoJets, we always recommend using airports that cater to private travel. Clients enjoy improved pricing and a superior private jet charter experience at these specialized locations.

Conversely, major airports can increase jet charter rates and often result in a diminished private travel environment.

With these basic points in mind, we can discuss how one-way flights work and how to lower the cost to charter a jet for a one-way trip.

Jet Charter Pricing: Positioning Fees

Since most aircraft are based at regional airports, there are often additional flight time fees when using major commercial hubs:

  • Repositioning Fees – Also known as ‘ferry fees’, these charges are billed in addition to passenger time in the air. The charter client pays to fly the plane from its home base to an alternate airport.
  • Short Leg Fees – Moving a plane a very short distance (under 1hr of flight time) results in wear & tear on the aircraft with very little flight time revenue. Owners impose short leg fees on short hops to nearby airports to make up for the loss.

Private Charter Flight Pricing: Fuel & Handling Fees

  • Fuel Surcharges – Fuel at major airports like Boston Logan (BOS) and San Francisco International (SFO) is much more expensive than regional alternatives. Using these airports can add $500+ or more in fuel alone.
  • Handling Fees – Major airports that handle heavy commercial volume charge more in handling, ramp and overnight fees to private plane charters.

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