How much does a private jet charter cost?

The cost to charter a plane can range anywhere from $1,200 – $10,000 per billable flight hour. That range includes a wide variety of aircraft from small turboprops to the most expensive luxury business jets.

Aside from the hourly rate of the aircraft, there many factors which affect private jet charter pricing.

Jet Charter Costs – The Full Picture

The main components of a private jet rental cost are:

  • Billable Flight Time – Based on the hourly rate of the aircraft and the number of flight hours.
  • Fuel Surcharge – Charges vary by type of plane, distance flown and the cost of fuel.
  • Crew Fees – Per diem payments, hotel fees, meals, etc.
  • Landing, Handling & Incidental Fees – Charges vary by type of plane, airport and other details.
  • Federal Excise Tax (FET) – Domestic flights incur a tax of 7.5% on top of all charges.

Want more detail on these fees and other useful info? Visit our Glossary for more information.

Private Jet Rental Cost Breakdown

Here is a sample breakdown of the cost to charter a jet from LA to Aspen, round-trip:

Routing:Los Angeles, CA to Aspen, CO
Flight Time:2.5hrs each way
Aircraft Type:Midsize Jet
Hourly Rate:$3,400
Duration:2 Days / 1 Night
Flight Time (5hrs)$17,000.00
Fuel Surcharge$550.00
Crew Fees$600.00
Landing Fees$750.00
Federal Excise Tax (7.5%)$1,417.50
GRAND TOTAL$20,317.50

This sample breakdown shows all the anticipated fees involved in the average jet rental price.

Clearly, the largest expense is the Flight Time charge.

How is billable flight time determined?

Billable flight time fees make up the bulk of any private jet charter cost. This cost is paid to the owner of the plane in the form of an hourly rate.

Billable flight time is time in the air plus any additional repositioning fees and/or daily minimum flight time adjustments. Time on the ground does not count toward billable flight time.


  • You book a one-way flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
  • The flight time is approx. 1hr in a Light Jet.

Since most aircraft have a 2-hr daily minimum flight time commitment, your billable hours may be invoiced like this:

Flight Time (live)1.00
Daily Minimum1.00

Private Jet Hourly Rates

The following hourly rates represent a range of prices for aircraft within each major category. Exact rates for specific aircraft within each class will vary:







Ballpark Hourly


TurbopropPilatus PC126-8$1,200 – $1,800
Very Light JetPhenom 1004-5$1,500 – $2,250
Light JetHawker 400XP6-8$2,200 – $3,000
Midsize JetLear 607-9$2,800 – $3,800
Supermidsize JetCitation Sovereign8-10$3,800 – $5,000
Heavy JetGulfstream G-IV10-16$5,000 – $8,000

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