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How to Book a Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter has a mysterious allure.  Celebrities and billionaires sip champagne.  Pro athletes showcase private jet sponsors on their hats and the sleeves of their golf shirts. But what if you aren’t a billionaire or pro golfer?  How do you book a private jet charter without owning a plane, buying a jet card, or paying the membership dues for one of the many jet clubs that exist today?

Triple Crown races, PGA Tour events, and CNBC commercial breaks are cluttered with companies selling the private jet experience.  But when the time comes to secure an aircraft, most people don’t know how to book a private jet charter.

The companies paying a fortune to sponsor PGA Tour events and the like are usually jet card providers and jet membership programs.  These companies require hefty commitments and long-term agreements, so they simply aren’t an option for single-trip private jet charters.

Even for clients interested in flying 7-10 times per year, traditional jet cards and membership programs are impractical.  For clients looking to book a private jet charter only once or a few times per year, On-Demand Charter makes the most sense.

Book a Private Jet Charter with a Broker

In the traditional sense, On-Demand Charter involves the use of a broker and requires no upfront or recurring capital commitment.  Brokers handle all the legwork in finding the right plane for the best price, streamline the booking process, and act as a single point of contact throughout the operation of the flight.

Read more about the role of a private jet broker and how they can save you time, money, and stress.

Book a Private Jet Charter with a Direct Air Carrier

Private jet flights can be booked ‘on-demand’ through Direct Air Carriers (operators), but this requires considerably more work for the flyer, and does not save much on cost compared to standard broker fees.  More importantly, if the operator has a mechanical issue or crew problem the day of a flight, they often do not have the internal resources to recover for the trip.

Private Jet Charter with evoJets

evoJets was founded in 2006 and maintains a flawless record of client service. We carry an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau and proudly serve many of the same clients flown in our first year of operation in Aspen, Colorado.

Seasoned Professionals

The evoJets team consists of dedicated aviation and account management professionals. When you fly with Evo, you enjoy a single point of contact experienced in all aspects of private jet charter.

The average Evo team member has been with the company for 6.5yrs, a statistic we are very proud of and that correlates to the level of service our clients receive.

Experience Backed by Data

The Operator Performance Index (OPI) is a proprietary rating system for direct air carriers (Operators) developed by evoJets. Instead of a single data point like aircraft model year, the OPI ranks Operators based on a comprehensive range of weighted factors.

When you fly with Evo, you fly with the best. Learn more about the OPI here.

Private Jet Charter Resources

In our continued effort to be the foremost source for privation aviation information online, we created our Charter Resources platform.

The landscape of private aviation tools and research was rocky, and evoJets leveled the terrain for consumers. Transparency in pricing and general insight into the private jet universe tips the scales in the favor of flyers, which is our ultimate goal at Evo.

What Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet?

The cost to charter a private jet is mostly determined by the following factors:

  • Flight Time
  • Aircraft Positioning
  • Aircraft Type
  • Trip Duration (Round-trip only)

In addition to the above, there are various fees and taxes that may apply, which vary by trip.

Read more about charter flight costs and what to expect when you book a private jet charter.

How Much Do Private Jets Cost to Own?

Buying an aircraft is a complex endeavor with layers of expense management, tax planning, and upkeep to consider.  The upfront cost of buying a plane can range from $1,000,000 to $60,000,000+ depending on the type.

The cost considerations when researching whole aircraft ownership are:

  • Upfront Cost
  • Annual Fees
  • Variable Cost

Upfront cost is the initial capital investment to acquire the plane.  Annual fees represent the fixed costs associated with owning the plane, regardless of how much it flies.  Variable cost is the blended hourly rate it costs to fly the plane, which is a sliding value based on utilization and other technical factors.

Begin your ownership journey by researching aircraft for sale with evoJets.

Can You Rent a Private Jet?

Private jets are used in photo shoots, videos, and other collaborations all the time.  Most aircraft owners prefer to charter their planes, but if an aircraft is sitting in a hangar unused, it is possible to rent a private jet and never turn on the engines.

Rent a Private Jet for a Photo or Video Shoot

The cost to rent a private jet for a photo or video shoot is often similar to a standard charter flight.  Booking an aircraft for a block of time prevents the owner from selling it to charter clients, so prices for non-flight rentals are usually charged at the same rates as if the plane were flying.

For example, if a plane is booked for a 1hr photo shoot, the owner would charge at least 1 hour of retail flight time ($2,500 – $8,000+ depending on the plane).  In addition, a crew must be present to oversee the shoot and the safe handling of the plane, which adds to the flat hourly cost.

If the request is on short notice and the aircraft has no flights scheduled, owners are more likely to offer less-than-market rates for rentals.

How much luggage can I take on a private jet?

Private jet luggage space varies by aircraft.  The size of the plane can be deceptive, as some of the larger planes in a given class (Light, Midsize, etc) may offer inferior luggage space than smaller models.

See below for a list of common aircraft and their usable luggage space in cubic feet.  ‘SUV Loads’ compares the cargo capacity to the average trunk space of a standard SUV.

Aircraft Type Aircraft Class Cargo Space (cu. Ft.) SUV Loads
King Air 350 Turboprop 71 1.58
Pilatus PC-12 Turboprop 40 0.89
Citation Mustang Compact Light Jet 63 1.40
Phenom 100 Compact Light Jet 67 1.49
Citation CJ3 Light Jet 65 1.44
Hawker 400XP Light Jet 53 1.18
Citation Excel Midsize Jet 90 2.00
Hawker 900XP Midsize Jet 50 1.11
Gulfstream G-200 Super Midsize Jet 150 3.33
Challenger 300 Super Midsize Jet 106 2.36
Challenger 604 Heavy Jet 115 2.56
Gulfstream G-650 Heavy Jet 195 4.33

Private Jet Charter FAQ

Do charter flights use the same terminals as commercial airlines?

No. Charter flights depart from entirely separate areas called Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) which handle only private flights. There are no lines, parking hassles, or pickup/drop-off issues to even consider.

Are charter flights subject to TSA checks?

Yes, but not in the way that commercial airlines are. Passenger names are required in advance of departure and must be run through TSA, but this is done behind the scenes and well in advance of departure.  All names on the manifest are cleared before passengers arrive at the airport.

What are the Customs requirements for charter flights?

Private jet charters are subject to the same Customs enforcement and regulations as commercial airlines, but the process is streamlined. Private flights are often cleared on the aircraft, right after the plane taxis to the terminal. If it is necessary to clear Customs on land, the structure is separate from the commercial area and there is a dedicated Customs rep standing by.

How does security work when chartering a jet?

Most private jet facilities have a security gate that checks vehicles upon arrival. You must provide a valid aircraft Tail Number to enter.

Once inside, your crew will check all passenger IDs against the manifest. The crew has the right to inspect all bags before loading onto the aircraft and remains in operational control of the plane at all times.

How early do I need to arrive to the airport before a charter flight?

For the most part, your private jet operates on your schedule, not the other way around. If you are running late, a text to your broker notifying them will suffice, but is not always required.

If your aircraft has a tight schedule and cannot tolerate a departure delay, you will be aware of this in advance. If you require a flexible departure window when booking, your broker can present only aircraft that can accommodate a sliding departure window.

Private Jet Charter Client Testimonials

Amazing Flight! The crew was extremely professional and I felt completely taken care of.

Bruce H.

Thank you for the great customer service, I won't hesitate to recommend your company if and when the opportunity presents itself.

E. Weisman

Give them a call & let them know exactly what you're looking for.They find great deals & will take good care of you.

Robert Crandall

“I really enjoyed working with you - thank you for taking the time to so thoroughly talk us through our options. We will absolutely be using you guys again for our next flight”

Suzanna Rice

International Private Jet Charter Destinations

Private Jet Charter to Paris


A center of the arts, fashion, food, and just about everything you can imagine, Paris draws visitors of all kinds. Private jets can be seen on the runway at Le Bourget any day of the week.

Private Jet Charter to Singapore


One of the wealthiest cities in the world per capita, Singapore is a hub for private aviation in Asia and beyond. Business flyers and luxury travelers alike fly private to Singapore.

Private Jet Charter to London


London is the center of business aviation in Europe, with more aircraft passing through its airports than any other city. Farnborough (EGLF) and Luton (EGGW) are the two biggest private jet airports in London.

Private Jet Charter to Zurich


Zurich attracts an eclectic mix of flyers. A center of political, economic, and cultural significance in the region, Zurich draws everyone from foreign dignitaries to Swiss Alps tourists.

Private Jet Charter to Rome


Rome is the cultural and political center of Italy. Private travelers come to Rome for business, official affairs, or to enjoy the historical sites and modern accents of this ancient city.

U.S. Private Jet Charter Destinations

Private Jet Charter to Aspen


An all-year destination for private travelers, Aspen is a top stop for evoJets clients and is also our hometown. The holiday season at Aspen airport is a virtual private jet showroom every day of the week.

Private Jet Charter to New York

New York

The largest market for US private jet travel is the NYC metro area. Teterboro Airport sees the most traffic of any airport in the US and is the main point of entry for private jets to NYC.

Private Jet Charter to Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas needs no introduction as a globally recognized destination for travelers of all kinds. Business flyers and vacationers from all over the world fly private to Vegas every year.

Private Jet Charter to San Francisco

San Francisco

Bay Area private jet charter is synonymous with business flyers in the tech and VC world. SFO and San Carlos (SRQ) are major west coast private travel airports, along with Oakland (OAK) and San Jose (SJC).

Private Jet Charter to Miami


Miami hosts a variety of visitors given its 365-day climate and abundance of hotels, convention centers, and nightlife locations. The preferred airport for Miami private jet travel is Opa Locka Executive (OPF).