Last Minute Private Jet Charters: Deals & Considerations

Last minute charter flights can require special considerations.

Travel date, routing and aircraft requirements can all affect a private jet provider’s ability to facilitate your trip on short notice.

Looking for last minute private jet deals?  Here are some things to consider when booking a last minute charter flight:

Last Minute Jet Charter Flight Pricing

Pricing for last-minute jet charters can vary, especially for one-way bookings.

When the timing is right, you can secure a great deal on an aircraft that needs to fly in your direction – these deals often involve empty leg charter flights.

Check out our list of featured empty leg charter flights to see if we have a match.

Notice Requirements for Last Minute Charter Jet Flights

The typical turnaround time for a last minute charter flight is 2-4hrs.

Once booking and payment are finalized, your crew can begin preparing the aircraft for immediate departure.

Booking a Last Minute Jet Charter

Our booking process is simple at evoJets – we use HelloSign, a trusted provider of secure online document processing.

Flights details and paperwork are confirmed electronically, right from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Payment requirements will vary by aircraft and are communicated at the time of booking.

International Private Jet Charters – Last Minute Bookings

There is no difference in the payment requirements or booking process for a last minute international flight, but there may be other concerns to note.

Certain international destinations require government issued permits to access. Permits can be obtained in as little as 2-4hrs or can take up to 30 days.

Most territories with positive international relations with the U.S. take less than 12-24hrs.

Need a last minute charter flight?

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