There are many private jet services available on the market today. Start with these important questions when researching private travel options.

How often do you fly?

Your annual flight time expectation is the most important factor in finding the best private jet service for you.

Depending on the number of hours required, the level of service that best suits your needs may change.

What is your overall budget?

Fractional ownership and jet card programs can offer a degree of regularity and ease, but cost considerably more than on-demand charter.

Private jet charter services are inherently expensive, but private travel dollars are maximized when spent on the appropriate program for the flyer.

What are your primary concerns?

Programs vary, so it’s important to understand your priorities. Is price your main concern? Having a seamless booking process?

With the variety of jet charter services available, there is a perfect fit for every client.

Private Jet Rates & Annual Flight Hours

Below is a general breakdown of private jet travel costs and service options, as they relate to the number of hours flown per year.

25hrs or Less: ($10k – $150k avg total spend)

  • At 25hrs per year and less, you are a prime candidate for on-demand charter.
  • There are almost no jet card programs available for this level of commitment, and fractional ownership is out of the question.
  • On-demand jet charter will keep your costs to a minimum, with no upfront capital commitment and complete flexibility in the aircraft available to you.

25 – 50hrs ($75k – $250k avg total spend)

  • Depending where you fly, what type of plane(s) you require and other trip details, both jet cards and on-demand charter could make sense.
  • At closer to 25hrs per year, clients are almost always better served by on-demand platforms. The hourly rates provided by air charter brokers and local operators will blow away prices offered by jet cards.
  • Nearing the 50hr mark is where jet cards begin to make sense for some buyers. With that volume of flight hours, the increased cost is justified to some by the convenience and predictability offered by jet cards.

50 – 100+hrs ($125 – $500k avg total spend)

  • Customers spending this much money on private jet travel may consider the fractional ownership model.
  • Some clients feel more comfortable flying with the same certified air carrier and knowing exactly what their costs will be, even if they are enormous.
  • However, those considering fractional ownership should note that even these programs fly their clients on brokered planes, especially in peak season!

Private Jet Service Comparison

Here is a private jet charter service comparison focusing on the main elements involved in choosing a private travel platform:

On-Demand Charter Jet Cards Fractional Ownership
Capital Commitment None – pay as you go $50-500k upfront, depending on hours purchased $250k minimum on average
Ongoing Fees None – pay as you go Fuel surcharges and tax not included in upfront cost Hourly cost per flight, monthly fees, fuel charges and taxes on every flight
Booking Process Individual bookings for each trip Confirm via app, email or phone call to operations rep. Confirm via app, email or phone call to operations rep.
Operational Control Third party operators; varies by trip Varies by program; most are brokers, selling hours purchased at wholesale Fleet owned and controlled by fractional provider; clients may also fly on brokered planes

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