Large group charter flights can alleviate stress in planning travel for multiple people. The logistical headaches in commercial travel for large parties can overwhelm even seasoned travel planners.

Commercial air travel has grown consistently less reliable, causing businesses and travel coordinators to utilize private jet charters more than ever before.

Private Jets vs. Commercial Airlines

Charter flights offer a vastly superior experience to commercial travel.  From the minute you leave for the airport, there is no comparison:

  • Avoid crowded commercial airports
  • Relax in luxurious private terminals
  • Depart on your own schedule
  • Design your own seating chart
  • Enjoy personalized catering

When booking a charter flight, most aircraft can utilize smaller airports that commercial airlines do not.  Why use JFK when you can enjoy the stress-free private operations at Teterboro Airport?

Private charters utilize handling facilities that cater to only private aircraft. These facilities are separate from commercial terminals, even at major airports. This means no lines, crowded waiting areas or handling your own bags.

Tailor your entire group charter flight experience with evoJets from start to finish.  Your account executive can book your ground transportation, arrange special catering for the aircraft, reserve conference rooms at the airport for meetings, or anything your trip may require.

Popular Group Charter Flights

  • Group Charter Flights from Miami to Dominican Republic – Charter a large aircraft for your group flight to the Caribbean and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that private aviation has to offer
  • Large Group Flights from LA to Las Vegas – Fly in TSA-free comfort on a Vegas private jet charter for your next group outing.
  • Group Air Charter from New York to the Bahamas – Have a large group heading down to the Bahamas for a family event or business venture?  Streamline the process with a charter flight.

Group Air Charter Costs

Group charter costs vary based on departure/arrival locations and the number of days involved in the trip.  As with any private charter, the positioning of the aircraft plays a major role in the overall cost.

Private charter flights for large groups are almost always more expensive than commercial options for the same trip, despite the common misconception that the principal of ‘buying in bulk’ will apply.

Group Air Charter Costs for Common Routes

Routing Duration Aircraft Type # Seats Price Range
Miami to Punta Cana One-Way Saab 340A 19 $37k – $42k
Los Angeles to Las Vegas 3 Days Embraer ERJ-135 30 $39k – $44k
New York to Bahamas 5 Days MD-83 60 $160k – $190k
Chicago to Denver One-Way Dornier 328 30 $30k – 35k

Hourly Rates for Common Group Air Charter Planes

Aircraft Name Aircraft Type Seats Avg. Hourly Rate
Saab 340A Turboprop Airliner 19 $4,000
Embraer ERJ 135 Regional Airliner 30 $5,200
Dornier 328 Jet Regional Airliner 30 $4,600
Boeing 727/737 Mid-Range Airliner 19-60 $6,000 – $12,000
Boeing BBJ Business Airliner 19-65 $12,000 – $20,000

Please Note:  Hourly Rates refer to the base hourly rate per flight hour. Crew/handling/landing/ fees and daily minimum flight time commitments are not accounted for in the table above.