There is no safer way to transport valuable property than to stow it safely on a private aircraft.

Security concerns, itinerary constraints, and the general well-being of your valuables are all addressed effortlessly by a charter flight.

With experience flying everything from treasured art pieces to prized show dogs, evoJets can help transport your valuables by air in any country, any time.

Common Types of Precious Cargo Charters

  • Art
  • Jewelry
  • Cash
  • Precious gems/metals
  • Animals
  • Human Remains

Valuable items can be stored in the cabin with you if they fit through the aisles and doors and can be safely secured.  Additionally, many of our aircraft feature pressure and temperature-controlled cargo areas more suitable for large/heavy objects, many of which are accessible in flight.

Many of the examples above are generally transported via standard VIP style private aircraft.  Should you require an even larger cargo area, we can arrange a cargo plane charter and utilize aircraft that are specifically designed to transport large, heavy or irregularly sized items.

Requirements to Ship Valuables by Air

There is no paperwork required to transport valuable property by air within the United States. The crew of your aircraft should be made of aware of any valuable property in advance, and only the typical TSA regulations on hazmat items will apply. When flying internationally, Customs regulations will apply.

Private Jet Security

Privacy and security issues are an important aspect of private travel.  evoJets can arrange private security personnel on behalf of any client, and clients can add their own security detail to any itinerary.

Security officers can bring firearms on the aircraft with the proper documentation, subject to crew inspection and confiscation of ammunition while on the aircraft.