Private Jet Flights to UGN: Waukegan Regional Airport - Chicago, IL

UGN Private Jet Charter Flights to Waukegan Regional Airport

Waukegan Regional Airport Overview

There are several airports in Chicago that serve as possible landing spots for Chicago private plane charters. One of the best tends to be located a little further from downtown, but is nonetheless a great airport for comfortable, luxury travel.
Waukegan Regional Airport is located a little over 30 miles from the business center of Chicago, in a little town up north called, perhaps unsurprisingly, “Waukegan.” Yet, despite the distance, there are plenty of reasons to consider chartering a private jet to UGN.

Advantages of Waukegan Regional Airport Over O’Hare and Midway

The two primary airports in Chicago are Chicago O’Hare Airport and Chicago Midway Airport (ORD and MDW, respectively). These airports are commonly used for commercial airliners. Overall, they see tens of millions of travelers combined each and every year.

This congestion means that they can be an unpleasant experience for those taking private jets to Chicago, as there are extra wait times, delays, and other challenges that may affect your comfort. UGN, on the other hand, sees fewer than 200 planes per day with far fewer passengers on each plane leading to faster and more comfortable landings. It also has Signature Flight Support FBO, with:

  • VIP Services
  • Gourmet Catering
  • Courtesy Transportation

There are other options for those that want to fly closer to Chicago in a similarly comfortable way, such as Chicago Executive Airport. But a private jet to UGN is still a great option.

Activities Around UGN

All of the above assumes that your main goal is to visit the heart of Chicago. But this area has its own activities as well, with several golf courses within a short distance from the airport, along with several parks and recreational areas that are quite beautiful and relaxing. Once you drive towards Chicago proper, you will find all of the luxury hotels, fine dining, and any other activities that you hope to enjoy.

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Waukegan Regional Airport FBO Details

The following FBO’s are available for UGN private jet service:

  • Signature Flight Support

Waukegan Regional Airport Technical Information

Local Code UGN
Longest Runway 6,000 ft
Port of Entry No
Aircraft Supported 135 All
Elevation 727
Airport Coordinates 42.42219925°, -87.86789703°
Airport Website Waukegan Regional Airport Official Website
Airport Address 2601 W Plane Rest Dr, Waukegan, IL 60087

Waukegan Regional Airport Current Weather