Private Jet Charter London to Nice

Charter a Jet From London to Nice, France

London, England is an epicenter for business, politics, and tourism. People are constantly flowing into and out of the city limits on a daily basis. Included on those outbound flights are travelers looking for a beach vacation; somewhere with nicer weather and beautiful sights. Because of this, private flights from London to Nice, France are a common occurrence.

Nice is known around the world as a luxurious destination for the wealthy who enjoy the relaxation of the breathtaking beaches mixed with the big city atmosphere. Here, visitors have the option to relax quietly at any of the numerous resort, explore the many attractions, or mix the two scenes. Travelers are able to craft any type of vacation within this city, which is one of the greatest appeals.

While Paris is known to be one of the most visited French cities, travelers will do well to keep Nice in their sights. The best way to arrange a private jet from London to Nice is through evoJets. We will quickly bring you to this stunning French getaway with the highest quality of customer service and provided amenities.

Start your luxurious vacation off right by calling us at (877) 970-5387, or use the charter flight cost calculator located here on our website to receive immediate estimates.

What does a Private Jet Charter from London to Nice Cost?

The prices listed below are ranges based on historical averages. Actual prices will vary based on trip date and the aircraft utilized.

Aircraft Class Aircraft Model One-Way Price Estimate Max Passengers Flight Time Fuel Stops
Light Jet Citation CJ3 $6,400 to $8,600 7 1 hr 42 min 0
Executive Turboprop King Air 350 $8,300 to $11,200 8 2 hr 12 min 0
Very Light Jet Citation Mustang $9,400 to $12,700 4 1 hr 30 min 0

Even across short flights, there are a number of factors which determine the cost of your trip. Included in these factors are the type of aircraft selected, number of passengers, the time-frame of the trip, and the airports selected.
Starting off, we are able to provide an estimate for you based on past departures which we have had along this route:

London to Nice Private Jet Pricing

Private Jet Charter London to Nice
  • Light Jet: $6,400 to $8,600 — Light Jets are reliable and fast. They hold 6-8 passengers and are best for short trips as they can travel 1,500 miles on a single fill-up. Jets included in this category are the Citation CJ2, Lear 45XR, and Hawker 400XP.
  • Executive Turboprops: $8,300 to $11,200 — Executive Turboprops are built to withstand an immense amount, as many are used within a military setting. Therefore passengers can rest easy within the luxurious, noise-reduced cabins. They excel over short distances and include Turboprops such as the King Air 90, Pilatus PC-12, and King Air 350.
  • Very Light Jet: $9,400 to $12,700 — Very Light Jets are ideal for short routes with small groups of people. They have the capability to transport 3-5 passengers. Included in this class are the Eclipse 500 and Phenom 100.

Private Jet Charter Rates between London and Nice, France: Best Value

Based on this route, the Executive Turboprop class would provide passengers with the best value and experience. Any jet larger than an Executive Turboprop or Light Jet would be unnecessary for this short distance.

Private Jet from London to Nice

Best Airports for Private Jets Between London and Nice

Since London is such an active hub for air travel, business, and tourism, there’s a generous amount of airports to select from which can be overwhelming. From what each airport can provide to private travelers, we recommend using the following:

  • London City Airport (EGLC) — London City is less than 10 miles from the center of the city. It’s the only airport which provides private jet services within the actual city limits. Included in the services are everything international travelers will need, such as customs. The luxurious amenities and lounges offered here make it an ideal departure point for private travelers.
  • Nice Cote D’Azur Airport (LFMN) — Less than 4 miles southwest of Nice, this is the ideal airport to fly into when arriving in the region. It provides generous customer service to VIP travelers and offers close proximity to a multitude of the resorts and attractions.

What About Other Private Jet Airports in London?

Private Jet from London to Nice

London City Airport is the preferred airport for private charters from London to Nice. However, there are additional quality options for which passengers can choose from. The preference generally determines where in the city customers want to travel.

London Gatwick and London Luton are great options for private travelers as air traffic generally operates smoothly with little to no delays. London Heathrow, London Stansted, and London Biggin frequently witness delays due to heavy congestion, so it’s recommended to refrain from choosing these facilities.

Private Jet Charter Flights Between London and Nice

What About Other Private Jet Charter Airports in Nice?

Nice Cote D’Azur is our preferred airport when on a private jet from London to Nice. It provides great customer service and the perfect location to be at your resort, hotel, or have your feet in the sand soon after stepping off the jet.

The nearest airport apart from this facility is located more than one and a half hours south of Nice. This presents travelers with many unnecessary issues. It’s strongly recommended to choose the Nice Cote D’Azur airport to ensure a timely arrival to your vacation.

Private Charter Jet Weather in London

Nice is situated along the Mediterranean so it’s host to a hot climate in the summer with mild winters. Due to its specific location, Nice is one of the warmest cities in the region. Throughout the summer months, rain is uncommon.

Nice is a great destination to visit any time of the year. However, the winter months may be slightly too chilly to enjoy the beautiful beaches. If your goal is to lay out and soak up the sun, focus your visit on late spring to early fall.

Private Jet Weather Forecast in Nice

Rain and fog are the most common occurrences on weather forecasts in London. The air will constantly feel damp to visitors, so it’s best to pack your rain gear. Summers are typically mild, averaging around the 70s, while the winter months drop into the low 30s. The most ideal time to enjoy the city is spring through fall.

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