Private Jet Flights to FRG: Republic Airport - Farmingdale, NY

FRG Private Jet Charter Flights to Republic Airport

Republic Airport Overview

The commercial airports within the New York City limits are often packed to the brim with those arriving and departing on flights that take off and land every few minutes. NYC is a busy area, and those that are there for either business or pleasure often find the experience of flying a Farmingdale private jet charter to the primary airports to be exhausting.
Not so of Republic Airport (FRG), located in the heart of Long Island in Nassau County. Located east of Queens in roughly the center of the entirety of Long Island proper, those that fly a private jet to FRG often report an outstanding luxury experience, with business and personal amenities that make the trip more pleasant and a proximity to critical locations that is convenient for most NY travelers.

About Republic Airport

Republic Airport has been operating in some form since 1927. It has two long runways that fit most types of business jets, and is home to three different FBOs:

  • SheltAir
  • Republic Jet Center
  • Atlantic Aviation

There are a few seasonal aircraft that may takeoff from FRG at different points through the year. But a large portion of the flights to and from the airport are FRG private jet charters.

Proximity of Republic Airport to Cities of Note

Because it is located in the center of Long Island in Nassau County, the airport services both Long Island and some of the NYC boroughs. The distance between FRG and some important destinations include:

  • Queens – 26 miles.
  • Brooklyn – 32 miles
  • Long Beach – 21 miles

Some may even find that landing in Republic Airport instead of JFK or LaGuardia may even be a better option, because although there is more distance (40 miles), it takes less time to get in and out of the airport and the drive tends to be a bit more comfortable.

No matter where your final destination may be, book a private jet to FRG today with evoJets.

Republic Airport FBO Details

The following FBO’s are available for FRG private jet service:

  • Republic Jet Center North
  • Sheltair
  • Atlantic Aviation

Republic Airport Technical Information

Local Code FRG
Longest Runway 6,827 ft
Port of Entry Yes
Aircraft Supported 135 All
Elevation 82
Airport Coordinates 40.72880173°, -73.41339874°
Airport Website Republic Airport Official Website
Airport Address 7150 Republic Airport, Farmingdale, NY 11735

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