Perisher & Thredbo, Australia Airports & Charter Routes

Australia may be best known for its warm weather climate, but it is a large country, and that means that there are most certainly some amazing ski resorts that enthusiasts can explore. The two most popular go by the names Perisher and Thredbo, and while the former may have a bit of an intimidating name, both are excellent options for skiiers of all experience levels.
Both Perisher and Thredbo are popular ski resorts in New South Wales but they both have very different atmospheres. Perisher is much larger –  the largest ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere – with more lifts and areas to ski in the winter. Thredbo is smaller, but has a more unique, Alpine design that calls to mind European skiing towns. Unlike Perisher, Thredbo also has areas for summer activities, like bushwalking and mountain biking that draw in private jets to the Threadbo resorts throughout the season.

In order to get to these resorts, however, you first need to book a private jet charter to Perisher or Thredbo, both of which go through Cooma Snowy Mountains Airport. Charter your private jet today with evoJets.

Airports in and Around Perisher & Thredbo, Australia

  • Cooma-Snowy Mountains Airport (YCOM)

Popular Perisher & Thredbo, Australia Private Jet Charter Routes

  • Charter a Private Jet from Los Angeles to Perisher and Thredbo – Fly immediately to these popular mountains with a private jet from LA to the YCOM airport. 
  • Charter Flights from Wellington to Perisher and Thredbo – Go to Perisher, Thredbo, or both with a private flight from Wellington.  
  • Private Charters from New York to Perisher and Thredbo – For winter sports lovers looking to ski in the NYC summer, a private jet is a great way to get there fast and comfortably. 
  • Private Jets from London to Perisher and Thredbo – No matter when you want to visit, a private jet from London to Perisher and Thredbo is a great choice. 

Travel Guide

Luxury Hotels in Perisher & Thredbo, Australia

  • Perisher Valley Hotel
  • Altitude 1260 Resort
  • Salzburg Apartments
  • Pure Chalet
  • Nanook Thredbo Squatters Run

Restaurants in Perisher & Thredbo, Australia

  • The White Spider
  • Central Road 2625
  • Sante Churrasco
  • Cascades Restaurant
  • The Terrace

Arts, Culture, and Sights of Perisher & Thredbo, Australia

  • Perisher Blue Ski Resort
  • Wildbrumby Thredbo Valley Distillery
  • Charlotte Pass Ski Resort
  • Thredbo Valley Horse Riding
  • Thredbo Alpine Village