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An Arab archipelago named after the Arabic term for “two seas,” Bahrain is advantageously situated in one of the most oil-rich regions in the world. Surrounded by the wealthiest regions of the gulf, private jet travelers vacation to this island for its prosperous heritage, azure waters and culinary sensations. An island nation where modern highrises meet the horizon with years of history, Bahrain is an under-the-radar charter jet destination for curious minds to discover.

Private jet travelers to Bahrain have an eclectic breadth of attractions to consider. For architectural aficionados and history buffs, the island nation boasts UNESCO World Heritage Sites, century-old highly revered monuments, and a slew of fascinating museums. Bahrain’s attractions are steeped in stories of its Dilmun past. Soar over the Manama coastline on a Bahraini parasailing adventure, or take a stroll on your private beach as the sunset blankets the skyline.

Charter a private jet to Bahrain and experience the Formula 1 Grand Prix like nowhere else—in the desert, at night—with the island nation being the first Middle Eastern country to host the thrilling event. As the sun sets over the sandy dunes, watch Ferraris and Mercedes shower the tracks with sparks as they battle wheel-to-wheel under the floodlights of Sakhir, making Bahrain the second country to host this race after dusk.

This nation is largely known as the Island of Pearls for its global pearling industry, and with a private jet to Bahrain, you can immerse yourself in nacre-filled waters for a scuba experience unlike any other. With the right luck, you may even unearth your own pearl from the Island of Pearls itself—a souvenir to commemorate your lavish vacation.

Bahrain will appeal to globetrotters looking for a humble (yet, bold) vacation, with all the sought out elements of an opulent Gulf nation. Contact us today to book your private jet to Bahrain!

Bahrain Private Jet Airports

The kingdom of Bahrain is comprised of a group of both natural and man-made islands. Bahrain Island is the largest in the kingdom, both by population and size, and is home to most of Bahrain’s prominent attractions. This island is connected to smaller surrounding islands by causeways, which were integral in Bahrain’s residential and industrial expansion. Al-Muharraq and Sitra are two examples of these smaller islands.

A private charter to Bahrain will land you in Bahrain International Airport, located on the island of Al-Muharraq, only four miles from the capital. With evoJets, our charter specialists will ensure your itinerary is personalized to meet your private travel needs, making your trip as comfortable and secure as possible.

  • Bahrain International Airport (BAH / OBBI) — The island nation’s only international airport, it is considered one of the Middle East’s key hubs. Undergoing a major expansion project with a billion dollar price tag, the Bahrain International is on track to handle over 15 million guests by the end of 2019. Although the airport is home to multiple FBOs, the increase in demand for private jets in the Middle Eastern region has led the facility to undergo a general aviation-specific project. By 2020, the airport is expected to transform their Civil Aviation Affairs building into a private aviation terminal, catering to business jet setters and political elites traveling through Bahrain International Airport.

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The Island of Pearls has something for everyone—regardless if you’re looking to spend the day exploring Bahrain’s architectural beauties, or are visiting Bahrain for business. The unique positioning of this Middle Eastern destination is what keeps private jet charters to Bahrain in soaring demand. Boasting a stunning conference center in Manama, the Bahrain International Exhibition and Conference Center hosts regional and international events annually, and earlier this year proudly hosted the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Congress.

  • Private Jets to Bahrain for Recreational Travel — A fusion of modern and contemporary city life with a rich history and thriving heritage, this Gulf archipelago will captivate the curiosity of any traveler. With a private flight to Bahrain, you can spend your mornings diving for fish eyes, your afternoons perusing the local souqs, and you can end your night exploring lavish Bahraini nightlife.
  • Private Jets to Bahrain for Business — With expanding economies and a roaring petroleum industry, the opportunities for international business ventures are ubiquitous. evoJets is proud to service your private flight to Bahrain for your own venture or a corporate party.

Bahrain is a hub for private business and personal travel, with scores of opportunities and endless entertainment. Contact evoJets and speak with one of our charter specialists today.

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Common Places of Note in Bahrain

  • Manama Souq
  • Bab Al Bahrain Market
  • Al-Fateh Mosque
  • Riffa
  • Amwaj Islands
  • Qal’at al-Bahrain
  • Bahrain National Museum
  • Bahrain Pearling Trail
  • Marina Beach Garden Park
  • King Fahd Causeway