For clients enduring the loss of a loved one, the burden of logistics is the last thing they need. We are committed to humbly providing service in your time of need and are aware of the sensitivity in shipping the remains of a loved one.

When you charter a private plane for human remains transport, your provider should be familiar with the important logistical and legal requirements of the process. evoJets has aided in human remains transport for clients all over the world, and even for flights over international boundaries.

Documents and Information Needed to Ship Human Remains by Air:

  • Death Certificate
  • Non-contagious disease Permit
  • Burial and Transit Confirmations
  • Embalmers Affidavit
  • Decedent Passport
  • Letter from funeral home verifying the sole contents of the casket are human remains, and confirming the name and contact information of the recipient

Regulations vary by locale, and your evoJets Account Executive will guide you through the requirements.

To ship a casket by private plane, there are only certain aircraft that are suitable. The size of the casket presents a loading issue for most private jets, but certain types have the proper configuration.

evoJets can help you secure the proper documentation, line up the right aircraft and streamline the delicate process of transporting your loved one to their destination.