Legacy 600 for Sale

Legacy 600 Ownership Overview

Originally crafted as a commuter jet based off the Embraer 135, the Legacy 600 was successfully transformed into one of the most popular private business jets across the globe. Buyers looking for a private jet will look towards a Legacy 600 for sale as it offers similar provisions to that of a Gulfstream GV, but for much cheaper. The aircraft type began deliveries in 2002, and since then it has been a top choice for a multitude of business executives.

Legacy 600 Cabin Experience

The Legacy 600 is capable of transporting 13 passengers and 2 crew members. The aircraft includes a lavatory at the aft end of the 85ft long fuselage, inside the nearly 50ft long cabin. This aircraft is incredibly spacious, with the exact same amount of cabin space that the modernized Legacy 650 offers to customers.

Total cabin space is over 1,650 cubic feet, allowing for a width of nearly 7ft and a height of 6ft. Typically each passenger is given more than 75 cubic feet of space. Passenger baggage is allotted more than 280 cubic feet of space.

Legacy 600 Mission Profile

Customers who buy a Legacy 600 are focused on the space, those who either want to travel in large groups, such as families or business executives, or those who want their own space to stretch out with a few fellow passengers. The large cabin space allows it to be sectioned off so different groups can occupy themselves, undisturbed.

Nearly two decades have been spent improving the design and atmosphere of this aircraft, and travelers will be able to notice that. The spacious ride will be nothing less than comfortable for travelers, and it caters to their privacy. Business executives will be able to complete their work in peace, and even hold meetings when necessary as there’s ample space to do so. This aircraft is most popular among journeys ranging from 5-6 hours.

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Legacy 600 Cost to Own

Acquisition cost for the Legacy 600 typically ranges from $13.2 million to $13.4 million, over $10 million cheaper than the Gulfstream G450 and more than $4 million more than the Falcon 900EX, both of these aircraft are the Legacy 600’s direct competitors. When factoring in market depreciation to total annual cost, buyers are looking at around $3.4 million to $3.5 million in yearly fees, more than $200,000 than the Falcon 900EX and around $1 million less than the Gulfstream G450.

Legacy 600 Operating Cost

Legacy 600 direct operating cost is around $3,600 per flight hour, less than the range set by the 900EX and G450 of $3,700-$4,300 per hour. Annual fixed cost for the Legacy 600 falls between $945,000-$948,000, once again less than that of its competition.

Legacy 600 Performance Overview

The Legacy 600 is popular to many for a reason. It offers equivalent space to that of competitors, and overall is less expensive. It’s a luxurious ride, providing customers with ample space and privacy, features many of who are interested in  private jets for sale search for.

Legacy 600 Engines

The Legacy 600 is equipped with two Rolls Royce AE3007A1E powerplants with nearly 8,000lbs of thrust. The Legacy 600 has a max cruise speed of 455kts, significantly slower than the competition.

The aircraft can land and takeoff in the following field lengths:

  • FAR-91: 2,310ft
  • FAR-135: 2,888ft
  • FAR-121: 3,835ft

Legacy 600 Payload

Max payload for the Legacy 600 is over 4,800lbs and at that capacity can fly more than 2,700nm. The 900EX can carry roughly 6,200lbs for more than 3,800nm and the G450 can carry 6,000lbs for 3,800nm as well.

Legacy 600 Range

At long-range cruise, the Legacy 600 has a range of over 3,400nm with a typical passenger load. This is around 900-1,200nm less than the competing aircraft.

Legacy 600 Specifications

Legacy 600 General Info
Aircraft Class Heavy Jet
Aircraft Manufacturer Embraer
Aircraft Year of Manufacture 2003 - 2010
Legacy 600 Financial Data
Acquisition Cost $11,970,000 - $14,630,000
Variable Cost $3,269 - $3,995/hr
Annual Cost $2,278,103 - $2,784,349
Fixed Cost $94,761 - $852,846
Market Depreciation $900,000
Retail Charter Rate $5,200/hr
Average Charter Net $2,068/hr
Legacy 600 Performance Data
Fuel Burn 360 gal/hr
Max Cruise 460 kts
135 Landing 2,888 ft
135 Takeoff 2,888 ft
91 Landing 2,310 ft
91 Takeoff 2,310 ft
121 Landing 3,835 ft
121 Takeoff 3,835 ft
Max Payload 4,855 lbs
Basic Operating Weight 30,419 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight 49,600 lbs
Legacy 600 Cabin Details
Cabin Dimensions 43' x 6'9" x 6'1"
Cabin Volume 1766
Seat Count 12-16