Italy Airports & Charter Routes

It is not an exaggeration to say that Italy is unlike any other country in the world. Every inch of Italy has culture, cuisine, history, and aesthetics that make it a fascinating and wonderful experience. Indeed, Italy is not a large country, ranking 70th in square miles just below Poland and above Ecuador. But for those that have an interest in a private jet to Italy, you can expect to find more potential luxury destinations than perhaps any other country on the planet.
When people say that authentic Italian cuisine is better, they’re correct. When they say that Italy has beautiful art, they’re correct. And when they say you should visit a city or town in Italy, it doesn’t matter which one they choose. They’re telling the truth. Charter a private jet to Italy today with evoJets.

Private Jet Airports in Italy

The following are the primary airports for some of the most beautiful areas of Italy, but our charters can often take you to airports even closer to your destination, or airports that have more amenities for Italy private charter travelers. Please contact evoJets for more information about which airport is best for your visit, as it may not be the most frequented one.

  • Rome–Fiumicino International Airport (LIRF)– Also known as “Leonardo Da Vinci Airport,” is the busiest airport in Italy, located about 18 miles (30km) from the city center of Rome and close to the Vatican, with 4 runways, each one over 12,000 square feet and capable of handling essentially any type of aircraft. There is a lot of congestion at this airport, so most private jets go to Rome Ciampino G.B. Pastine Airport, which still sees a lot of passengers but far fewer than Rome Flumicino.
  • Milan Malpensa Airport (LIMC) – Servicing Milan and many of the cities in Northern Italy, Milan Malpensa Airport is located about 30 miles from central Milan, with two runways that are over 12,000 feet each. Because this airport sees over 20 million visitors and is located 30 miles away, more private jets fly to Milan Linate or Orio al Serio International Airport.
  • Venice Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ) – Serving Venice, the Venice Marco Polo Airport is nearby as it is located only 5 miles from the city. It is a busy airport, but its proximity to the center of Venice makes it the best choice for getting close to the region.
  • Catania–Fontanarossa Airport (LICC) – Sicily is a large island, and there are six airports in the region. You’ll likely only find yourself arriving at Catania Fontanarossa if you are visiting Catania or the nearby towns. Other airports include Palermo, Trapani, Comiso, Lampedusa, and Pantelleria, all serving different cities in Sicily.
  • Naples International Airport (LIRN) – Naples International is a very busy airport, the 5th busiest in the country. It does, however, see many Italy private jet charters because it serves not only Naples but also the Amalfi Coast, though it is still a distance away.
  • Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (LIPE) – Bologna Airport serves, perhaps not surprisingly, the city of Bologna. It is also not far from Florence and several nearby towns of note. Depending on your destination, there may be other airports that are better (for example, Florence Airport, which is very popular with private charters to Italy) but it remains a good way to access the region.

Italy has several smaller airports peppered around the region to visit not only these popular cities, but also the many luxury towns and communities that make for wonderful recreational experiences.

Featured Italy Private Jet Destinations

It sometimes feels like there is no such thing as an area of Italy that doesn’t have some type of charm and culture, and certainly luxury travelers have discovered some hidden gems throughout Italy. But even the most popular destinations in Italy remain enjoyable for even seasoned travelers, including:

These destinations are only a sliver of the cities to visit throughout Italy that are well worth your time and attention.

Italy Private Jet Charters with evoJets

Italy is something special. That is why you should begin and end your trip with transportation that matches the experience you’re about to enjoy. evoJets is an Italy private jet charter company that you can trust to book your flights, no matter why you choose to travel to Italy:

  • Personal Travel – Italy is a bucket list country for most cultures around the world. The art, food, and architecture are historic, and so it is little surprise that so many charter private jets to Italy to experience the country for themselves.
  • Executive Travel – While Italy’s beauty is something to behold, it also remains an important economic hub as well, especially in areas like Rome. Thus, those that need to charter a corporate jet to Italy for any reason can do so with evoJets.

We can charter personal planes for recreational luxury or larger planes for corporate event transportation, all of which are available with our experienced and reliable service. For costs, schedules, and information, contact evoJets today.

Popular Private Jet Charters to Italy

Charter Pricing

How much does it cost to charter a private jet to Italy?

The cost to charter a private jet can range widely, and is based mostly on flight time and the type of aircraft. A charter flight from NYC to Italy will cost $7,500 or more in a Heavy Jet, for example.

Please note: Due to rapidly rising costs and unprecedented demand, the pricing listed below may be outdated. Please use our cost calculator for real-time pricing and to submit your trip requests. Thank you for flying with evoJets!

Here are some target prices for private jet charter flights to/from Italy that we aim to offer our clients:

To/From Location Target Price (One-Way) Aircraft Type Max Passengers
London$15,000Light Jet6-8
New York$75,000Heavy Jet10-16
Paris$14,000Midsize Jet7-9
Dubai$40,000Supermidsize Jet8-10
Stockholm$14,000Very Light Jet3-5

Travel Guide

Common Places of Note in Italy

  • Vatican City (Rome)
  • Galleria dell’Accademia (Florence)
  • Colosseum (Rome)
  • Trevi Fountain (Rome)
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa (Pisa)
  • Uffizi Gallery (Florence)
  • Bridge of Sighs (Venice)
  • Lake Como (Bellagio)