Athens, Greece Airports & Charter Routes

Athens, the Greek capital, is undeniably one of the most influential cities in Western civilization, significant to the culture’s history and mythology. There’s so much to see and do here it can be difficult to decide what to see first, but once you’ve landed in your Athens private charter, the many historical sites and archaeological museums are instant must-sees. After a day trip or museum tour, the city offers your choice of fine dining restaurants, lavish hotels, exciting nightlife hotspots, and more.

Athens is also the economic center of Greece, so it is one of the few areas of the country where corporate and executive travel may be required. Charter a private jet flight to Athens with evoJets and make your recreational or corporate travel as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Many of our private jet charter flights to Athens visit for business purposes. The changing nature of the Greek economy means that there are plenty of opportunities for investors and corporations alike. But it’s hard to ignore the value that Athens has a vacation/holiday spot as well. You could charter a jet all the way to Athens for just the food and it would still be worth it. Athens also has a large passenger port for cruises around the city, or you may find that you want a private jet charter from Athens to islands like Santorini, Mykonos and Crete.

There is something magical about being in Athens. Experience it for yourself with an Athens private jet through evoJets, and enjoy a much needed trip to this historic Greek city.

Private Jet Charter Airports in and Around Athens, Greece

  • International Airport of Athens (LGAV) – The International Airport of Athens is, perhaps not surprisingly, the primary airport of all of Greece. It is a hub for many regional commercial aircraft, serves most business and personal travel to Athens, and is occasionally a layover for many other airlines. It is less commonly used for general aviation.
  • Elefsis Ab Airport (LGEL) – Elefsis is the airport of choice for most Athens private travel. Because it is a general aviation facility located within Athens, it is perfect for avoiding the congestion of the main airport and takes you straight to the heart of the city in minimal time.
  • Tatoi Airport (LGTT) – Another option worthy of consideration is Tatoi Airport, which is actually closer than Elefsis but sees fewer flights. It is also the airport of the Greece Air Force, so you may see military jets flying in and out.

Commonly Available Private Jet Charter Flights to Athens, Greece

Greece may be known for its Islands, but you are not truly flying a private jet to Greece unless you are visiting Athens at least once, as it is the main economic and cultural hub of the country.

Charter Pricing

Cost to charter a private jet to Athens, Greece

The cost to charter a private jet can range widely, and is based mostly on flight time and the type of aircraft. A charter flight from London to Athens, Greece will cost $17,000 or more in a Light Jet, for example.

Please note: Due to rapidly rising costs and unprecedented demand, the pricing listed below may be outdated. Please use our cost calculator for real-time pricing and to submit your trip requests. Thank you for flying with evoJets!

Here are some target prices for private jet charter flights to/from Athens, Greece that we aim to offer our clients:

To/From Location Target Price (One-Way) Aircraft Type Max Passengers
London$17,000Light Jet6-8
Paris$21,000Midsize Jet7-9
Madrid$17,500Light Jet6-8
New York$95,000Heavy Jet10-16

Travel Guide

Luxury Hotels in Athens, Greece

  • Hotel Grande Bretagne
  • Divani Apollon Palace and Thalasso
  • King George
  • Grand Resort Lagonissi
  • The Margi

Restaurants in Athens, Greece

  • Hytra
  • Funky Gourmet
  • Botrini’s
  • Spondi
  • Milos

Arts, Culture, and Sights of Athens, Greece

  • National Archaeological Museum
  • The Acropolis
  • The Parthenon
  • Olympian Zeus Temple
  • Plaka