Crete, Greece Airports & Charter Routes

Crete is a Greek paradise for people who like to go hiking, swimming, golfing, and more in the great outdoors. It is a frequent destination for evoJets, which schedules private charters to Crete and all of its different airports. The island’s gorges and many historical sites are wonderful areas to explore and get some exercise, and since Crete is also well-known for their significant contributions to Greece’s famously healthy Mediterranean cuisine, you know you’ll be eating well there too.

What makes Crete different from other Greek islands is that it is large and heavily populated. That is why you can visit Crete multiple times, to explore cities such as:

  • Elounda
  • Chania
  • Heraklion
  • Sitia and More

Charter a private jet to Crete today and enjoy some gaviera, staka, dakos, and all that Crete has to offer. evoJets offers a luxurious private jet experience at reasonable prices so that you can be dining, relaxing, hiking, and whatever else you want to do in Crete and beyond.

Private Jet Airports in and Around Crete, Greece

  • Chania International Airport (LGSA) – Crete is a large island with several private charter airports. Chania International Airport is one that may be useful, especially if you’re visiting Chania. Also known as Ioannis Daskalogiannis, Chania International Airport serves as many as 3,000,000 passengers a year, but is well located for easy travel.
  • Heraklion International Airport (LGIR) – Heraklion International Airport, also known as Nikos Kazantzakis, is not only the busiest airport on Crete. It is also the second busiest airport in all of Greece. Yet its proximity to the popular Heraklion port city makes it a useful choice for commercial aircraft, and in some cases private aircrafat.
  • Sitia Public Airport (LGST) – Sitia Public Airport is a smaller and more comfortable airport that draws people traveling via private jet charters. Final destination plays a role in determining if this airport is worth landing, but it is a highly rated airport conveniently located on the Eastern side of the island.
  • Kasteli Airport (LGTL) – Kasteli Airport is a useful alternative airport to Heraklion International. It is a bit of a distance away – especially when you consider that Heraklion Airport is located right in the heart of the city – but it is possible to avoid some of the congestion that Heraklion offers, and getting out of the terminal may be faster, thus saving you time overall on your travel.

Popular Private Jet Charters to Crete, Greece

Crete has such a storied history with so much to do, it is practically a small country by itself. It’s no wonder that so many private jet charters to Greece land in the many different airports in Crete.

Charter Pricing

Cost to charter a private jet to Crete, Greece

The cost to charter a private jet can range widely, and is based mostly on flight time and the type of aircraft. A charter flight from London to Crete, Greece will cost $18,500 or more in a Light Jet, for example.

Please note: Due to rapidly rising costs and unprecedented demand, the pricing listed below may be outdated. Please use our cost calculator for real-time pricing and to submit your trip requests. Thank you for flying with evoJets!

Here are some target prices for private jet charter flights to/from Crete, Greece that we aim to offer our clients:

To/From Location Target Price (One-Way) Aircraft Type Max Passengers
London$18,500Light Jet6-8
Paris$22,000Midsize Jet7-9
Dubai$36,000Supermidsize Jet8-10
New York$95,000Heavy Jet10-16

Travel Guide

Luxury Hotels in Crete, Greece

  • Blue Palace Resort & Spa
  • St. Nicolas Bay Resort Hotel & Villas
  • Nana Princess Suites, Villas & Spa
  • Porto Elounda Golf & Spa Resort
  • Domes Noruz

Restaurants in Crete, Greece

  • To Pigadi
  • Dounias
  • Ferryman Taverna
  • Methexis
  • Elia & Diosmos

Arts, Culture, and Sights of Crete, Greece

  • Kissamos Beach
  • Manousakis Winery
  • Aegeo Spa
  • Heraklion Archaeological Museum
  • Crete Golf Club