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Evolved Membership

evoJets is host to an innovative flight matching club created to provide individuals and companies with the opportunity to reduce their private travel expense through flight sharing. Compatible with all existing jet card, charter, fractional and Part 135 whole ownership programs, Evolved Membership allows individuals to enjoy the convenience and comfort of private jet travel for a fraction of the cost.

Program Advantages

  • Value:

    Benefit from significant savings and recoup dollars invested in existing programs

  • Flexibility:

    No upfront capital outlay or flight minimums

  • Compatibility:

    Evolved Membership is fully compatible with all existing jet charter programs

  • Security:

    evoJets guarantees and secures all financial transactions

  • Environmental Awareness:

    Flight consolidation mitigates private travel's environmental impact

Who Qualifies for Evolved Membership

  • On-Demand Charter Clients
  • All Jet Card Members
  • Fractional or Whole Jet Owners Flying Part 135

In order to preserve the integrity of your flight experience we encourage the matching of no more than two individuals or parties and membership is by referral or upon evoJets' approval.


To inquire about evoJets Evolved Membership, please contact the evoJets membership department at 877-970-JETS (5387) or email membership@evojets.com.

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