Leverage your trip volume to achieve considerable discounts – fly more, pay less.

At evoJets, we don’t force clients into a single program. Our goal is to create a seamless experience for every flyer, which is why we work with customers to develop custom programs to suit their needs.

Who are flight packages for?

Corporate Accounts

For corporate accounts with recurring charter needs, the traditional On-Demand approach can be problematic.  With payment and paperwork often passing through multiple layers of review, booking and paying on a per-trip basis isn’t remotely practical for some companies.

Frequent Flyers

For high-volume individual flyers, especially those doing recurring routes either for business or personal travel, a streamlined pricing and booking experience is a major upgrade to traditional On-Demand programs.  Evo flight packages offer a painless booking process and locked-in pricing.  And as always, our pricing blows away jet cards.

Package Benefits

Improved Pricing

Applying the ‘buying in bulk’ principal to jet charter bookings can result in major savings.  The more flights purchased in advance, the more you save.  Packages start with as few as 3 trips booked in advance, with no limit to the number of flights that can be purchased.

3-Trip packages typically save between 3-6% per trip, 5-Trip packages can save up to 10% per trip.

Payment Processing

Payment for On-Demand Charter flights is generally handled on a per-trip basis.  This arrangement can become a pain point for high-volume flyers and corporate accounts with clunky payment processing solutions.

With a flight package, payment is made in advance and funds are held on deposit.  Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of On-Demand booking, and your account balance is simply debited as you fly.  Each trip still has individual cancellation terms and can be modified individually.

Streamlined Booking

Eliminate scheduling headaches and save time by creating a flight package.  On-Demand charter bookings require individual contracts with every flight, which can become tedious for frequent flyers.

Flight packages are inked with a single contract, executed electronically.  When scheduling or modifying a charter, simply approve the new or updated flight itinerary with a single click by electronic signature.

Pre-Approved Sourcing

The nature of On-Demand Charter creates an aircraft review process for the flyer, as different planes are used for almost every trip.  This process of reviewing and re-reviewing aircraft in the event of a scheduling change, mechanical problem, etc, is not ideal for high-volume flyers.

Though not required, most evoJets flight packages are booked based only on a specific plane size (Turboprop, Light Jet, etc) while outlining certain minimums the planes must meet (Model Year, # Seats, Amenities, etc).  Minimums are completely customizable

Since package minimums are pre-approved and specific plane models are ignored, flyers can simply rest easy knowing all boxes have been checked, without manually reviewing multiple planes on a per-trip basis.