Aircraft Management Services

Buying an airplane is only the beginning of your ownership journey.

Aircraft management and Part 135 charter operations are crucial and complicated aspects of efficient aircraft ownership. evoJets can guide you in both important areas.

With over a decade of experience in business aviation, we have key relationships with aircraft managers and charter customers all over the world.  This unique mix of experience and relationships across all aspects of aviation makes us the ideal partner to maximize efficiency in whole-aircraft ownership.

Part 91 Management Consulting

Aircraft ownership is complex. Finding the right aircraft management company is critically important, and knowing what questions to ask and how these arrangements are structured will save time and money.

Management companies handle or assist with all the key components of aircraft management:

  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Hangar
  • Crew
  • Fuel planning
  • Part 135 certification
  • Booking & concierge services
  • Financial reporting
  • Tax planning

Evo has relationships with many of the leading global aircraft management providers, as well as local providers in the US and beyond.

Let us take the stress out of finding the optimal aircraft management company and structuring the optimal management agreement for your aircraft.

Part 135 Charter Certification

Many aircraft owners utilize Part 135 charter to defray the cost of ownership. Chartering is a logical way to optimize aircraft utilization and streamline the economics of ownership.

With deep relationships in the charter market and global experience, Evo can provide valuable assistance in choosing the right Part 135 operator to manage your aircraft.

Reputation and experience are extremely important factors in choosing a management company, as well as brand visibility. The right management company can handle all aspects of ownership and attract valuable charter customers to your aircraft.

Charter Marketing & Demand Management

With a loyal customer base flying all over the world and a marketing engine with global reach, evoJets can introduce your aircraft to qualified flyers in any market.

If you plan to create your own charter certificate, we can act as your marketing agent, providing demand for your aircraft and handling all aspects of booking.

For customers joining a fixed-fleet Part 135 certificate, we can supplement with demand for out-of-market trips while your plane is sitting transient away from base.