Private Jet Flights to PDK: DeKalb Peachtree Airport - Atlanta, GA

PDK Private Jet Charter Flights to DeKalb Peachtree Airport

DeKalb Peachtree Airport Overview

Atlanta is home to the busiest airport in the world. That airport is not DeKalb Peachtree, and therein lies the best reason to book an Atlanta private jet charter through this smaller, slightly out of the way airport.
Located a few extra miles from Atlanta, PDK is traditionally an overflow airport for when Hartsfield Jackson is too busy. But it is also a worthwhile destination for private luxury travel, as it allows you to avoid the sizeable foot traffic of ATL while still arriving at a location not far from the heart of Atlanta.

Why Take a Private Jet to PDK?

DeKalb Peachtree Airport is located in Chamblee, only a little northeast of Atlanta. It serves no major commercial aircraft, although it may occasionally be used as a landing spot if there are any issues with the main Hartsfield Jackson Airport. It can, however, be booked at any time for a private charter, thus giving you a bit more of a relaxing experience not only arriving into PDK, but also arranging for transportation to your hotel.

Chamblee itself is quite small, with a population of fewer than 10,000. You’ll also be a bit hard pressed to find any fine dining options or upscale hotels should you want to stay near the airport. Still, on the way into Atlanta if you’re taking route 141, you can always stop off at places like:

  • The Palm Atlanta
  • Ruth’s Chris
  • The Capital Grille

These locales are a great source for fine cuisine and may be on the way from many of your routes. Similarly, though there are few amenities inside of DeKalb Peachtree Airport, there is an aviation park for kids (if you’re traveling with family) and there are plenty of activities along the way towards your accommodations.

When you charter a flight to Atlanta, GA, chances are that you want the experience to be calm, relaxing, and designed for luxury travel. We strongly recommend you consider your PDK as your private jet destination. Contact us today to charter your flight today.

DeKalb Peachtree Airport FBO Details

The following FBO’s are available for PDK private jet service:

  • Signature Flight Support
  • Epps Aviation
  • Atlantic Aviation PDK
  • Clairmont Services
  • Peachtree Dekalb Airport Self Service

DeKalb Peachtree Airport Technical Information

Local Code PDK
Longest Runway 6,001 ft
Port of Entry Yes
Aircraft Supported 135 All
Elevation 1003
Airport Coordinates 33.87559891°, -84.30200195°
Airport Website DeKalb Peachtree Airport Official Website
Airport Address 2000 Airport Rd, Atlanta, GA 30341

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