Private Jet NYC to Paris — Charter a Jet From New York to Paris

Charter a Jet From New York to Paris

Known across the world as the City of Love, Paris offers travelers the opportunity to dive deep into a culture rich in the arts and sciences. Some of the most recognizable attractions are located within the city limits bringing it to be one of the most internationally visited cities. New York City is a hub for air travel, allowing for a trip to Paris to be a common one.

There are numerous private jet flights from New York to Paris and private charters from Paris to NYC which bring a new level of luxurious air travel to wealthy personnel. The trip between these two destinations can be a lengthy one, so we encourage travelers to look seriously into chartering a private flight from NY to Paris the next time they visit one of the most highly regarded cities on earth.

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What does a Private Jet Charter from NYC to Paris and Paris to NY Cost?

The prices listed below are ranges based on historical averages. Actual prices will vary based on trip date and the aircraft utilized.

Aircraft Class Aircraft Model One-Way Price Estimate Max Passengers Flight Time Fuel Stops
Ultra Long Range Jet Global 5000 $90,000 to $100,000 14 6 hr 30 min 0
Heavy Jet Gulfstream G-450 $57,800 to $70,600 12 7 hr 0

When it comes to pricing a private flight from New York to Paris, numerous external factors play a role in the quote. Aspects such as weather, number of passengers, and the airports chosen are all deciding factors in fine-tuning the final estimate. However, we will base the pricing below on past trips from NY to Paris and private flights from Paris to New York.

NYC to Paris Private Jet Pricing

Private Jet Charter New York City to Paris
  • Super Midsize Jet: $51,900 to $63,400 — The estimate carries through to a return trip from Paris to NYC. This class of business jets is focused on smaller groups of people, as they are able to transport a maximum of 10 passengers. Aircraft able to fly this route include the Citation X, Falcon 50EX, and Challenger 300.
  • Heavy Jet: $57,800 to $70,600 — These jets can carry up to 16 passengers and have the ability to fly the route nonstop. Jets in this class include the Gulfstream G-IV, Challenger 604, and Falcon 900EX.

Paris to New York City Private Jet Charter Rates: Best Value

The most recommended class of private jets to fly from NYC to Paris and Paris to New York is the Heavy Jet. There is a chance Super Midsize Jets will require a fuel stop depending on external factors and range capability. Heavy Jets offer a quality combination of range and price.

Private Jet from New York City to Paris

Best Airports for Private Jets Between NYC and Paris

The airports in these two cities witness a great deal of traffic on a regular basis. However, we have some recommendations which focus on airports that’ll give travelers the best price, experience, and least congestion.

  • Teterboro Airport (TEB) – While Teterboro Airport is located in New Jersey, it’s only 15 miles from downtown Manhattan. It has 5 FBOs and serves almost primarily private jets and related aircraft.
  • Le Bourget Airport (LFPB) — This airport is located in the heart of Paris, offering the closest connections to nearly all the main attractions. It’s primarily focused on private charter flights so passengers can be assured they’ll receive top service.

What About Other Private Jet Airports in New York City?

Private Jet from New York City to Paris

Although Teterboro is the recommended airport when flying in a private charter from NYC to Paris, other airports such as Republic (FRG) and Westchester County (HPN) are smaller airports that are perfectly capable of hosting a luxury traveler. It’s important to note that the main NYC airports, such as JFK, LaGuardia, and occasionally Newark Airport (EWR) are often too busy and expensive for private travel.

Private Jet Charter Flights Between New York City and Paris

What About Other Private Jet Charter Airports in Paris?

While Le Bourget is our airport of choice in Paris, Charles De Gaulle (LFPG) and Orly (LFPO) are additional options to fly in to. Charles De Gaulle witnesses more air traffic congestion as it’s the largest used for commercial flight, whereas Orly is more commonly used for private flight.

Private Charter Jet Weather in New York City

Similar to that of many other Western European cities, Paris has a relatively moderate climate. Citizens and travelers rarely see snowfall, but witness plenty of rain. Summer days that reach above 90 degrees fahrenheit are few and far between, while the coldest winter days scarcely drop below the 20s.

Private Jet Weather Forecast in Paris

NYC has numerous weather swings throughout the year. Winters average in the low 30s at the warmest point, with cold nights that can be well under 20 degrees. Summer is often hot and humid, with highs of 84 that can feel immensely warmer. It also rains constantly on and off throughout the year, with an average of almost exactly 4 inches each month. The most ideal time to visit is during spring and fall.

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