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Africa is the world’s second largest continent—blanketing a staggering six percent of the Earth’s surface. A prime charter jet destination for its endless marvels, unrivaled landscapes, and thrilling attractions, Africa is home to an incredibly diverse group of regions.

Private jet travelers to Africa have scores upon scores of options to consider visiting within this expansive continent. From the defining Table Mountain in Cape Town, Egypt’s Great Pyramids of Giza, stunning beaches of Mauritius, and the Moorish architecture of Casablanca, guests will be enamored by each country’s rich culture, wildlife, and world heritage sites narrating the tales of Africa’s past. The beauties of this continent keep private jets in a constant state of elevated demand, and evoJets is the leading charter service for private flights to African destinations.

Whether you’re interested in world-class Kenyan safaris highlighting the Big 7, walking in the footsteps of forgotten pharaohs at Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, or experiencing the world’s ultimate infinity pool at Victoria Falls Devil’s Pool, your craving for adventure will be quelled with a private jet charter to any African destination.

Home to a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered in each country, museum enthusiasts, history lovers and heritage chasers will relish in the attractions that contribute to the masses of people visiting these countries every year.

The nation not only boasts natural and man-made allures, but holds a significant presence in the soccer and cricket scene. African countries are both hosts, and major players in the FIFA World Cup as well as the Cricket World Cup. Book your private charter flight to Africa with evoJets today, for an unforgettable trip.

Private Jet Destinations in Africa

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Private Jet Airports in Africa

Considering Africa’s place as the second most populated continent in the world, airports are in abundance. The main international airports serving as gateways to all African destinations are in Cape Town, Nigeria and Egypt. Regardless, smaller and less congested airports can be landed in as well, when flying by private jet to Africa.

Our charter specialists will ensure your itinerary is as convenient and comfortable as possible, selecting the most appropriate airport for your trip based on your final destination.

  • Cape Town International Airport (CPT / FACT) — Cape Town International is the third busiest airport in Africa, located about 20 minutes from the city center, and in close proximity to some of South Africa’s finest attractions. The airport offers multiple FBOs with exclusive general aviation ground handling, and private travel accommodations.
  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS / DNMM) — Named after the former military leader of Nigeria, this is the main international airport serving the African country of Nigeria. With over 20 FBOs servicing private jet charters, you can ensure your needs will always be met when flying through Murtala Muhammed International Airport.
  • Cairo International Airport (CAI / HECA) — Egypt’s busiest airfield and Africa’s second busiest international airport, Cairo International Airport is only nine miles from the financial district, making it a convenient location for business guests flying into Egypt. With one terminal dedicated to private jet and executive aircraft services, jetsetters won’t be impacted by the airport’s commercial congestion. For guests with extended layovers, an upscale five-star hotel, Le Méridien, is on-site in one of the terminals for your accommodation.

African Private Charter with evoJets

African private jet destinations are typically for leisure or a personal vacation, whether you’re looking for a quiet escape from the concrete high-rises and endless traffic, or adventurous excursions from dusk to dawn, this nation has something for everyone.

However, because of the region’s immense biodiversity and enormous reserves of the African Savanna, many researchers and zoologists find Africa a prime destination for wild-life and environmental research opportunities. Leisure, research or a personal expedition, evoJets is prepared to help you charter a private jet to your next African destination.

Beyond this, many African countries are seeing tremendous economic growth and savvy international entrepreneurs are taking note, making Africa a prime destination for both intercontinental and intracontinental business trips by private jet.

  • Private Charter to Africa for Research Expeditions — The conservation of African resources and wildlife is highly dependent on the researchers and experts who are dedicated to this cause. Many domestic and international teams take great pride in coming face to face with big game, as well as pioneering environmental conservation programs to maintain a healthy balance of natural Savannah resources. evoJets charter specialists will ensure your private jet to Africa suits your party size and itinerary needs.
  • Private Jet Flights to Africa for Business — With maturing economies prime for disruption, Africa is an excellent hub for investors and entrepreneurs exploring international business ventures. Contact evoJets to schedule your next corporate private jet to Africa today.
  • Private Jet to Africa for Personal Expeditions — Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and marvel at the stunning architecture exclusive to each African country or stroll the city center streets and embrace the rich culture surrounding you. With evoJets, your private jet charter to Africa is only the start of an unforgettable vacation.

Africa is a hub for private travel, with something for every kind of traveler. evoJets is the leading private jet service for all African destinations. Contact evoJets today to speak with a charter specialist.

Travel Guide

Common Places of Note in Africa

  • Pyramids of Giza & Great Sphinx in Egypt
  • Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca
  • Kruger National Park
  • Seychelles
  • Chefchaouen
  • Victoria Falls
  • Tanzania
  • Table Mountain in Cape Town