Sabreliner 60 Overview

Aircraft Class

Midsize Jet

Price (Per Hour)

$2,700 - $3,300


North American Aviation/ Rockwell International

Year of Manufacture

1967 - 1978

The Rockwell Sabreliner 60 is a Midsize business jet that was originally developed by North American Aviation. It seats seven or eight passengers maximum and includes a private lavatory.

Sabreliner 60 Interior



Cabin Volume

449 cu. ft.

Cabin Dimensions

19' x 5'3" x 4'6" ft.

Baggage Capacity

48 cu. ft.

The cabin of the Sabreliner 60 is stretched by about three feet in comparison to the earlier Sabreliner 40A. It also includes five cabin windows on each side, rather than three on the 40A. The air-conditioned cabin offers comfy leather seats in an exec club layout, a hot and cold drink facility, and writing tables.

Sabreliner 60 Performance

Aircraft Range

1,900 Nautical Miles

Cruise Speed

528 MPH

The total baggage capacity of the Sabreliner 60 is 43 cubic feet.The Sabreliner 60’s excellent performance includes cruise speeds up to 530 mph. Its abilities are facilitated by two Pratt & Whitney JT12A-8 turbojet engines.