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DPA Private Jet Charter Flights to Dupage Airport

Dupage Airport Overview

Chicago is a big city. Even more so when you include some of the nearby suburbs and towns. Because of its size, there are a total of five separate airport choices for those that are looking to book a private jet to Chicago, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose the one that is best for your needs.
DuPage Airport is one option, and while there are some reasons that luxury fliers may not want to charter a private flight to DPA, there are also many advantages for those that are willing to consider it.

About DuPage Airport

DuPage Airport, or DPA, is a general aviation airport that in West Chicago, IL. It is a very large airport with a runway long enough for any type of aircraft, along with high intensity lighting and a 24 hour control tower for very safe landings.

DuPage Airport is frequently the airport of choice for luxury private plane charters to Chicago. That might be surprising for those that are new to the area to hear because DuPage is located almost 30 miles from downtown and there are several other airports that arrive closer to their final destination.

Yet DuPage has more than many other airports traditionally have to offer, including:

  • DuPage Flight Center – An award winning FBO with luxury seating and several amenities.
  • Prairie Landing Golf Course – A golf course accessible from the airport.
  • Limited Wait Time – Fewer flights mean faster and safer landings.

DPA is still lacking in a few features that luxury travelers enjoy, as it has few eateries besides the Kitty Hawk Café and limited shopping for those that need to pick up a spare shirt on the go. Its distance from Chicago may also turn off some that need to travel an hour or so to get into the city.

But for those that are simply looking for a comfortable, high end travel experience and want to avoid the congestion of some of Chicago’s busier airports, a private jet to DPA is often the right choice.

Dupage Airport FBO Details

The following FBO’s are available for DPA private jet service:

  • Dupage Flight Center

Dupage Airport Technical Information

Local Code DPA
Longest Runway 7,570 ft
Port of Entry No
Aircraft Supported 135 All
Elevation 759
Airport Coordinates 41.90779877°, -88.24859619°
Airport Website Dupage Airport Official Website
Airport Address 2700 International Dr, West Chicago, IL 60185

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