San Luis Obispo, CA Airports & Charter Routes

San Luis Obispo is a classic vacation spot for the experienced traveler. It combines all of the elements of a relaxing yet event-filled experience, including some of the most popular wineries in the world, a coastline that attracts countless tourists, and ample outdoor activities in a small town with a rich culture.

Let evoJets bring you to San Luis Obispo in style and comfort with a perfectly tailored private jet charter service. This top travel destination is loved by all those that visit, and we will make your SLO experience even more memorable.

Airports in and Around San Luis Obispo, CA

  • San Luis Obispo Regional (SBP) – The easiest way to get to San Luis Obispo is with a private jet charter to SBP, an airport that sits only a few miles from “SLO,” as they call it in California.

Popular San Luis Obispo Private Jet Charter Routes

Charter Pricing

How much does it cost to charter a private jet to San Luis Obispo?

The cost to charter a private jet can range widely in price, based on flight time and the type of aircraft. A private jet rental from San Diego to San Luis Obispo will cost $4,500 or more in a light jet, for example.

Here are some target prices for private jet charter flights to and from San Luis Obispo that we aim to offer our clients:

Target Price
Aspen From $9,500 Light Jet 6-8
San Diego From $4,500 Turboprop 7-8
San Francisco From $6,000 Compact Jet 4-5
Houston From $15,500 Midsize Jet 7-8
Seattle From $11,000 Light Jet 7-8

Please note that the above prices are ballpark estimates; specific pricing for a given trip will vary, and these amounts cannot be guaranteed for any specific flight.

Private Jet Prices – Ballpark Hourly Rates

The following hourly rates represent a range of prices for most aircraft within each major category. Exact rates for specific aircraft within each class will vary:

Ballpark Hourly
Turboprop Pilatus PC12 6-8 $1,200 – $1,800
Very Light Jet Phenom 100 4-5 $1,500 – $2,250
Light Jet Hawker 400XP 6-8 $2,200 – $3,000
Midsize Jet Lear 60 7-9 $2,800 – $3,800
Supermidsize Jet Citation Sovereign 8-10 $3,800 – $5,000
Heavy Jet Gulfstream G-IV 10-16 $5,000 – $8,000

Please note that these hourly rates represent flight charges only, and do not include taxes, crew, airport and other related fees.

Aircraft Available

With an in-network fleet of thousands, we have a variety of aircraft available in almost every city in the country.

Inventory can change by the day, but here is a list of aircraft commonly available for San Luis Obispo private jet charters:

  • King Air 90
  • King Air 350
  • Phenom 100
  • Citation Bravo
  • Citation XLS
  • Falcon 20
  • Citation X
  • Gulfstream G-III

View all US chartered cities here.

Travel Guide

Luxury Hotels in San Luis Obispo, CA

San Luis Obispo is a popular weekend spot for luxury travelers, so there are many accommodations available for those that prefer a high class hotel. Consider the following accommodations:

  • Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa
  • Avila La Fonda Hotel
  • Hotel Cheval
  • Allegretto Vineyard Paso Robles
  • Calipaso Winery

Restaurants in San Luis Obispo, CA

SLO has a variety of cuisine options to choose from, as it often caters to the palates of the Los Angeles and San Francisco crowds. Consider dining at the following restaurants:

  • Ciopinot
  • Koberl At Blue
  • Foremost Wine Company
  • La Locanda

Arts, Culture, and Sights of San Luis Obispo, CA

While in San Luis Obispo, you’ll want to spend a great deal of time outdoors, as well as enjoying all the city has to offer. Be sure and consider the following:

  • Cerro Caliente Cellars
  • Central Coast Wines
  • Stephen Ross Wine and Tasting Room
  • Bishop Peak
  • San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden
  • Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa
  • Avila Beach