Helsinki, Finland Airports & Charter Routes

From the moment you step off of a private jet to Helsinki, the first thing you will notice is the color. Helsinki has a vibrancy that is easy to appreciate when you arrive there, which is amplified by a luxury travel experience.
Although Helsinki is a large city, is still has something of a small-town feel. It is more laid back than other European cities, resting on the shore of the Gulf of Finland and consisting of natural features like islands and green parks. But Helsinki is still very active, with plenty of high quality restaurants, museums, nightclubs, shopping opportunities for visitors to discover. You can easily explore on foot, as Helsinki is a compact area, with lots of things to see and do all close together.

Though many people fly to Helsinki for business reasons, it is the recreational activities that give this area its biggest draw. Perhaps that is because Helsinki is consistently ranked one of the best cities to live in the entire world, with its focus on health, its beautiful scenery, and the ability to partake in a host of luxury leisure activities, it is not surprising that so many people visit Helsinki via private jet charter to explore what the Finnish capital has to offer.

Visit the seaside streets of Helsinki with evoJets today, and let us make sure that your flight to Finland is as memorable as your time there.

Airports in and Around Helsinki, Finland

  • Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (EFKH)
  • Helsinki-Malmi Airport (EFHF)

Popular Helsinki Private Jet Charter Routes

  • Charter a Private Jet from London to Helsinki – Traveling to Helsinki from London in a private jet makes the experience of travel much easier, no matter why you’re flying. 
  • Charter Flights from Cannes to Helsinki – Travel to or from the film festival with a private jet from Helsinki to Cannes and back. 
  • Private Flights from New York to Helsinki – It is quite the experience to go from NYC to Helsinki, but that visit to Finland is a great way to experience a new culture and environment. 
  • Private Jet from Helsinki to Athens – Travel between Helsinki and Athens in a private plane that fits your entire group and makes the experience more meaningful. 

Charter Pricing

How much does it cost to charter a private jet to Helsinki, Finland?

The cost to charter a private jet can range widely in price, based on flight time and the type of aircraft. A charter flight from Barcelona to Helsinki will cost $24,000 or more in a Supermidsize Jet, for example.

Here are some target prices for private jet charter flights to/from Helsinki that we aim to offer our clients:

Target Price
Avg Flight Time
London From $10,500 Light Jet 2.5 6-7
Paris From $7,500 Light Jet 1.5 6-7
New York From $75,500 Heavy Jet 8.0 12-18
Barcelona From $24,000 Supermid Jet 3.5 8-9
St. Maarten From $89,000 Heavy Jet 10.0 12-18

Please note that the above prices are ballpark estimates; specific pricing for a given trip will vary, and these amounts cannot be guaranteed for any specific flight.

Travel Guide

Luxury Hotels in Helsinki, Finland

  • Hotel Kamp
  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Helsinki
  • Hotel Fabian
  • Hotel Haven
  • Hotel Lilla Roberts

Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

  • Gron
  • Demo
  • Olo
  • Ask
  • Ora

Arts, Culture, and Sights of Helsinki, Finland

  • Mannerheim Museum
  • Ateneum Art Museum
  • Helsinki Cathedral
  • Seurasaari Island
  • National Museum of Finland