Gstaad, Switzerland Airports & Charter Routes

Though it is marketed as a ski resort, Gstaad is a year-round destination, with private jets to Gstaad visible in the sky throughout the year. The village is a beautiful place, even for discerning travelers, with boutique shops, designer brands, and several fine dining restaurants. Luxury accommodations are also easy to find throughout the promenade and the surrounding area.
Most of the activities in Gstaad can be enjoyed all year round.

But most times a traveler books a private plane Gstaad, it is for the skiing. The slopes are some of the largest in all of the Swiss Alps, with many winter events that go on all throughout the year to make any skiing vacation one that has so much more to do at any moment. There are few better places to go in Europe for winter events, and few ski resorts that offer the same level of charm and sophistication.

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Airports in and Around Gstaad, Switzerland

  • Bern Airport (LSZB)
  • Saanan Airport (LSGK)

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Luxury Hotels in Gstaad, Switzerland

  • HUUS Gstaad
  • The Alpina Gstaad
  • Ultima Gstaad
  • Le Grand Bellevue
  • Gstaad Palace Hotel

Restaurants in Gstaad, Switzerland

  • Gildo’s Ristorante
  • Restaurant Sommet, The Alpina Gstaad
  • Leonard’s, Le Grand Bellevue
  • Restaurant Chesery
  • Olden

Arts, Culture, and Sights of Gstaad, Switzerland

  • Wake Up Gstaad
  • Gstaad-Saanenland Golf Course
  • Col de Pillon – Glacier 3000 – Sanetsch – Gsteig
  • Wispile
  • Lake Lauenen – Geltenhutte SAC – Lauenensee