Fort Myers, FL Airports & Charter Routes

Fort Myers is a very popular destination in Florida. It has everything that visitors look for in a vacation destination, as well as historical landmarks that cannot be found anywhere else.

With so much to do in the Fort Myers area, you may find yourself in need of transportation to this popular Florida city, and when that occurs you may need a Fort Myers private jet from evoJets – the leading source for all private travel.

Offering a variety of safe, luxurious private jets in Fort Myers, evoJets can handle any type of charter flight to or from this important Florida location.

Airports in and Around Fort Myers, FL

There are two main airports used for charter flights to Fort Myers:

  • Page Field (FMY) – Page Field is one of the more popular airports used in private charter flights to Fort Myers. It is located only 3 miles away from the heart of the city, and since the new terminal opened it has become a more relaxing, luxury airport than before.
  • Marco Island Executive (MKY) – For general aviation, you will almost always fly yourself into Marco Island Airport. Great for Fort Myers and Marco Island, this airport sees a bit less travel, but remains an excellent location for private jet charters.

Popular Fort Myers Private Jet Charter Routes

Charter Pricing

How much does it cost to charter a private Jet to/from Fort Myers?

The cost to charter a private jet can range widely in price, based on flight time and the type of aircraft. A private jet rental from Key West to Fort Myers will cost $2,500 or more in a Turboprop, for example.

Here are some target prices for private jet charter flights to/from Fort Myers that we aim to offer our clients:

Target Price
Avg Flight Time
New YorkFrom $8,000Light Jet3.06-8
Las VegasFrom $24,500Supermid Jet4.58-10
ChicagoFrom $9,000Midsize Jet2.57-9
DallasFrom $7,000Light Jet2.56-8
Key WestFrom $2,500Turboprop1.04-8

Please note that the above prices are ballpark estimates; specific pricing for a given trip will vary, and these amounts cannot be guaranteed for any specific flight.

Private Jet Prices – Ballpark Hourly Rates

The following hourly rates represent a range of prices for most aircraft within each major category. Exact rates for specific aircraft within each class will vary:

Ballpark Hourly
TurbopropPilatus PC126-8$1,200 – $1,800
Very Light JetPhenom 1004-5$1,500 – $2,250
Light JetHawker 400XP6-8$2,200 – $3,000
Midsize JetLear 607-9$2,800 – $3,800
Supermidsize JetCitation Sovereign8-10$3,800 – $5,000
Heavy JetGulfstream G-IV10-16$5,000 – $8,000

Please note that these hourly rates represent flight charges only, and do not include taxes, crew, airport and other related fees.

Aircraft Available

With an in-network fleet of thousands, we have a variety of aircraft available in almost every city in the country.

Inventory can change by the day, but here is a list of our aircraft commonly available for Fort Myers private jet charters:

  • King Air 90
  • Citation CJ1
  • Lear 35A
  • Beechjet 400
  • Lear 45
  • Citation CJ3
  • Challenger 601
  • Citation X

View all US chartered cities here.

Charter FAQ

Do you offer shared flights or shuttle service to the Bahamas and Key West?

When you charter with evoJets, you get the entire plane to yourself. We are happy to split costs between multiple clients, but do not have a formal platform for shared flights.

What type of aircraft should I use for my charter flight to Fort Myers?

Fort Myers can support all types and sizes of private jets. The aircraft you choose should be tailored to the distance you are flying, the number of passengers and amount of baggage you’re bringing along, as well as your budget and preferences.

The following table shows the average ranges (in statute miles and flight hours) for all the major aircraft types, as well as their average cubic ft. of baggage space:

Average Range
(St. Miles)
Average Range
(Flight Hrs)
Baggage Space
(cu. Ft)
Very Light Jet1,300-1,6002.5-3.040-60
Light Jet1,200-2,0003.0-4.050-80
Midsize Jet2,000-3,0003.5-4.560-90
Supermidsize Jet3,000-4,0004.0-5.070-100
Heavy Jet3,500-5,0005.0-7.5115-225

Please note that the above values are averages across a series of aircraft; specific ranges and baggage space may fall outside of these estimates in certain cases.

Travel Guide

Luxury Hotels in Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers sees a lot of travelers and tourists, which means that it’s ready for all types of visitors. If you want to stay in luxury accommodations, you should visit areas like:

  • The Ritz Carlton
  • Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina
  • Sundial Beach Resort and Spa
  • Casa Ybel Resort
  • Pelican’s Roast

Don’t forget to check out some of the private Villas that are also available throughout the city.

Restaurants in Fort Myers, FL

Dining is also very popular in Fort Myers. There is a lot of delicious affordable cuisine around, but if you want to find something a bit more luxurious, consider the following dining venues:

  • Cibo
  • Mina’s Bistro
  • Osteria Celli
  • Roadhouse Café
  • Sasse’s
  • Trattoria Café Napoli

Arts, Culture, and Sights of Fort Myers, FL

Of course, no visit to Fort Myers is complete without the sights and attractions. The following are some must visits in Fort Myers:

  • Edison and Ford Winter Estates
  • Murphy Burroughs House
  • Port Sanibel Marina
  • Edison Park
  • Bunche Beach
  • Del Tura Golf and Country Club
  • Veranduh Golf Club