Lear 55 Overview

Aircraft Class

Midsize Jet

Price (Per Hour)

$2,700 - $3,200


Bombardier Aerospace

Year of Manufacture

1981 - 1990

The Learjet 55 was designed by Learjet (now part of Bombardier Aerospace) to be a longer, roomier version of its previous small business jets in the 25 and 35/A series. Offering excellent range and speed at a very attractive price, the Lear 55 is one of the most widely used midsize jets in the charter market today.

Charter a Lear 55 for mid-range trips like Denver to New York, flying up to eight 8 passengers in comfort and at impressive speeds.

Lear 55 Interior



Cabin Volume

532 cu. ft.

Cabin Dimensions

16'7" x 5'9" x 5'7" ft.

Baggage Capacity

60 cu. ft.

The added space offered in the Lear 55 was meant for extra comfort, not extra passengers, so the stand-up cabin is typically arranged for seven seats. More seating is common though, with many models featuring eight full seats. The Lear 55 can even be configured with a high-density layout for up to ten passengers.

The layout of the Lear 55’s seats usually includes a four-place club setting, a two-seat bench, and another individual seat. The cabin also includes a half-width enclosed lavatory, a small galley with warming oven, and an Iridium Global Satellite Phone. There is a total of 60 cubic feet of space for luggage between the interior and exterior storage holds.

Lear 55 Performance

Aircraft Range

2,150 Nautical Miles

Cruise Speed

524 MPH

The Lear 55’s design includes an increased wingspan plus winglets to reduce drag. The wing design was borrowed from the 20-series and has been nicknamed the ‘longhorn’. Other design features are higher-positioned engines for reduced interference drag, and a taller vertical tail to improve directional stability.