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Charter a Gulfstream G-IV (G-400)

The Gulfstream G400 or G-IV is the next development after Gulfstream American\'s G300 or G-III. It is slightly longer by about four feet, and can accommodate 10 to 12 passengers comfortably.

The G400\'s cabin is typically divided into three sections so that travelers may enjoy fully reclining club seating, take a nap on the divan, have a meal in the dining area, or participate in a conference at their whim. Seating in the stand-up cabin may be rearranged to hold as many as 18 passengers. The G400 also offers a DVD entertainment system, a large, fully-equipped galley, and a full-width lavatory, which may even include a shower in some aircraft. A total of 169 cubic feet of available baggage area is accessible during flight.

The G400 has an intercontinental range, facilitated by two Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8 engines. These upgraded engines give the aircraft improved fuel efficiency and lower noise levels than its predecessor. The G400 also has a higher maximum takeoff weight and better performance on hot days or at high altitude airfields. The cockpit utilizes a Honeywell SPZ-8000 avionics suite, or on some aircraft, may have been upgraded to the SPZ 8400 avionics package.


  • ClassHeavy Jet

  • ManufacturerGulfstream Aerospace

  • Seats 10 - 16

  • Cabin (Length x Width x Height)45.01 ft. X 7.03 ft. X 6.02 ft.

  • Cabin Volume2017 cu. ft.

  • Aircraft Range4690 Nautical Miles

  • Aircraft Speed Cruise529 MPH

  • Baggage Capacity169 cu. ft.

  • Price (Per Hour) $ 4800 - $ 5800

  • Year of Manufacturer 1984 - 1994

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