Global 7500 Overview

Aircraft Class

Ultra Long Range Jet

Price (Per Hour)

$10,500 - $13,500



Year of Manufacture


Top of the line innovative technology crafted by a powerhouse in the aviation industry, the Bombardier Global 7500 is one of the most luxurious and high-performing private jets, ever. Officially introduced to the world at the end of 2018, the Bombardier Global 7500 offers passengers one of the largest cabins and longest ranges of all corporate built jets.

This ultra-long-range behemoth skillfully transports just about 20 passengers comfortably all across the globe. Ideal for the VIP executive, this aircraft caters to every preference imaginable when it comes to amenities and destinations. Its performance on short runways and at major hubs allows it to fit right in, but still stand out. The sleek design catches eyes all across the globe.

When you charter a Global 7500, you can unwind in sheer luxury. It generally includes four distinct living spaces, providing privacy throughout the duration of the flight for those who so choose. This aircraft exceeds all previous boundaries in passenger experience in every way possible, ensuring customers arrive at their destination fresh and ready to go.

The Bombardier Global 7500 is the perfect private charter aircraft for the best of the best, the VIP. This aircraft represents the highest level of quality and luxury. It caters to passengers’ every need. It’s ideal for the business executive, the international rock star, the global financial powerhouse. In 2019, this jet received the OPEA Award, as well as Business Jet of the Year.

Global 7500 Interior



Cabin Volume

2786 cu. ft.

Cabin Dimensions

54'5" x 8' x 6'2" ft.

Baggage Capacity

195 cu. ft.

The Bombardier Global 7500 comfortably accommodates 12-19 passengers. The capacity is ideal for groups of executives traveling across the globe for meetings or conferences. The Global 7500 interior perfectly accommodates hanging suits and plenty of baggage for the multitude of items necessary for those types of trips. The Global 7500 interior is typically set up into four separate living sections. There’s a private suite paired with an ensuite that includes a full-size shower.

The Global 7500 interior baggage compartment offers 195 cubic feet of storage, an immense amount capable of fitting all 19 passengers’ luggage comfortably. This space also allows for multiple sets of clubs for those intending to hit the links in between business meetings.
Offering a full-service galley, no meal is out of the question. Prepared by the onboard attendant, the Global 7500 takes fine dining to the next level.

Global 7500 Performance

Aircraft Range

7,000 Nautical Miles

Cruise Speed

560 MPH

The Bombardier Global 7500 is equipped with two GE Electric Passport engines, powered by nearly 19,000 pounds of thrust. The Bombardier Global 7500 has a maximum speed of 530 knots, with a typical cruise speed of just under 490 knots. This speed is comparable to that of a great deal of commercial flights, all the more reason to charter a Global 7500.

The Global 7500 has a range of 7,700 nautical miles. This range out-performs nearly all other jets in its class. All major business routes are open thanks to its incredible performance. This corporate craft appeals to the high-level executive, providing luxury throughout the long duration of each and every flight.

Such as it is with all private aircraft, the range is dependent on a multitude of factors. The heavier the weight on-board and the rougher the weather conditions, the quicker the fuel is used. That being said, on average, this aircraft is capable of flying a maximum of 16 hours nonstop. There is no better way to fly than the Bombardier Global 7500.