How Do Empty Legs Work?

Also known as ‘deadhead flights’, empty legs are created when an aircraft needs to move from Point A to Point B but has no passengers scheduled to fly with it.

Clients can reserve empty legs for trips of their own, even if the routes are not a direct match (‘New York to Miami’ can be used for ‘New York to Atlanta’ or ‘Washington, DC to Orlando’).

Browse Our Featured Empty Legs Below

DateDepartArriveAircraftSeatsPrice (USD)
11/15/2018Houston (HOU)Telluride (TEX)Citation CJ379,995
11/17/2018Los Angeles (VNY)Ft Lauderdale (FXE)Gulfstream G-200925,000
11/17/2018Rome (LIRA)New York (TEB)Gulfstream G-IV14120,000
11/18/2018New York (TEB)Lisbon, Portugal (LPPT)Gulfstream G-IVSP1448,950
11/20/2018Savannah (SAV)Washington DC (KIAD)Hawker 400XP75,250
11/21/2018Naples (APF)Boston (BOS)Citation Excel711,980
11/21/2018White Plains (HPN)Portland, ME (PWM)Hawker 100086,500
11/24/2018Los Angeles (VNY)Kailua (PHKO)Gulfstream G-IV1328,900
12/22/2018West Palm Beach (PBI)San Jose (SJC)Gulfstream G-V1435,895
12/22/2018Vail (EGE)Oakland (OAK)Citation X88,995
12/24/2018Aspen (ASE)New York (TEB)Gulfstream G-IV1327,500
12/24/2018Vail (EGE)Oakland (OAK)Citation X89,995
12/26/2018Vail (EGE)Chicago (MDW)Lear 60712,500
1/1/2019Oakland (OAK)Vail (EGE)Citation X89,995
1/3/2019Oakland (OAK)Vail (EGE)Citation X88,995