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Our network of aircraft is constantly on the move, creating premium empty legs all over the world, every day.

There is no need to pay round-trip pricing for your next one-way flight!

How do empty legs work?

Also known as 'deadhead flights', empty legs are created when an aircraft needs to move from Point A to Point B but has no passengers scheduled to fly with it.

Clients can reserve empty legs for trips of their own, even if the matches are not direct ('New York to Miami' can be used for 'New York to Atlanta' or 'Washington, DC to Orlando').

Find Available Empty Leg Flights

Browse our list of upcoming empty legs and book your next one-way private jet charter for up to 50% off standard market rates!

Date Departure Arrival Aircraft Name Aircraft Type  
04/26/2017 Dallas San Diego Lear 45 Light Jet
04/27/2017 Seattle San Francisco Citation CJ1 Light Jet
04/28/2017 Orlando Washington DC Citation Excel Midsize Jet
04/29/2017 Albany Pittsburgh Lear 60 Midsize Jet
04/30/2017 Aspen Baltimore Hawker 1000 Super Midsize Jet
05/01/2017 Los Angeles New York Falcon 900 Heavy Jet

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