Lear 60XR for Sale

Lear 60XR Ownership Overview

The Learjet family is a diverse and distinguished one, with the Lear 60XR joining the force in 2005. This mid-sized, medium-range business jet stopped production in 2013. Buyers looking for the largest aircraft in the Learjet family will turn towards a Lear 60XR for sale.

Lear 60XR Cabin Experience

The Lear 60XR is capable of transporting 7 passengers and 2 crew members. The aircraft includes a lavatory at the back end of the nearly 60ft long fuselage, inside the nearly 20ft long cabin. The rounded edges of the fuselage provides seated passengers with more shoulder room.

Total cabin space is nearly 450 cubic feet, allowing for a width and height of nearly 6ft both ways. Each passenger typically has more than 35 cubic feet of space to themselves and baggage is allocated nearly 50 cubic feet, broken up evenly into internal and external units.

Lear 60XR Mission Profile

Customers who buy a Lear 60XR are those looking for the quality and experience a Learjet brings to the table, along with the most space they can get. As the largest in the Learjet production line, the Lear 60XR provides just that.

The Lear 60XR is also for those looking for a more environment friendly aircraft, as it has increased fuel efficiency. This aircraft outperforms competitors in its class in terms of rate of climb, ceiling, and speed, a feat that usually sacrifices fuel efficiency, but not in the case of the Lear 60XR.

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Lear 60XR Cost to Own

Acquisition cost for the Lear 60XR typically ranges from $4.3-$4.5 million. This jet has competition such as the Hawker 800, which has an acquisition cost of only $1 million, and the Citation XLS, which has an acquisition cost more closely attune to the Lear 60XR of roughly $4.8 million.  When factoring in market depreciation to total annual cost, the aircraft will cost buyers roughly $1.8 million, on par with the XLS, and cheaper than the Hawker 800 by around $100,000.

Lear 60XR Operating Cost

Lear 60 direct operating cost is around $2,300 per flight hour, which is $100 more than the Citation XLS and significantly lower than the Hawker 800 which will price in around $2,900 per flight hour. That price estimate focuses on items such as fuel burn, maintenance and crew fees, as well as other operational fees. Total annual fixed cost for the Lear 60XR is nearly $520,000, about $16,000-$20,000 less than that of its competition.

Lear 60XR Performance Overview

The Lear 60XR is top of the Learjet family for a reason. Its upgrades in fuel efficiency, speed, and altitude provide more quality travel experiences for passengers, all the while remaining a relatively economical choice. Flyers looking into aircraft for sale find this is a luxurious option of the historic and distinguished Learjet family.

Lear 60XR Engines

The Lear 60XR is equipped with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW305A engines with standard thrust reversers and 4,600lbs of thrust. The Lear 60XR has a max cruise speed of 465kts, 20-30kts faster than the Citation XLS and Hawker 800, respectively.

The aircraft can land and takeoff in the following field lengths:

  • FAR-91: 3,190ft
  • FAR-135: 3,988ft
  • FAR-121: 5,317ft

Lear 60XR Payload

Max payload for the Lear 60XR is just over 2,100lbs and can fly close to 1,800nm carrying that capacity. The range set by the competitors has the Lear 60XR falling right in the middle, $2,000-$2,300, and the Hawker 800 has the capability to fly nearly 600nm further.

Lear 60XR Range

At long-range cruise, the Lear 60XR has a range of nearly 2,200nm with typical passenger load. The Citation XLS can only reach roughly 1,900nm, while the Hawker 800 reaches nearly 300nm further, under similar parameters.

Lear 60XR Specifications

Lear 60XR General Info
Aircraft Class Midsize Jet
Aircraft Manufacturer Lear
Aircraft Year of Manufacture 1993 - 2012
Lear 60XR Financial Data
Acquisition Cost $3,960,000 - $4,840,000
Variable Cost $2,084 - $2,548/hr
Annual Cost $1,328,429 - $1,623,635
Fixed Cost $51,933 - $467,395
Market Depreciation $300,000
Retail Charter Rate $2,800/hr
Average Charter Net $684/hr
Lear 60XR Performance Data
Fuel Burn 220 gal/hr
Max Cruise 470 kts
135 Landing 3,988 ft
135 Takeoff 3,988 ft
91 Landing 3,190 ft
91 Takeoff 3,190 ft
121 Landing 5,317 ft
121 Takeoff 5,317 ft
Max Payload 2,104 lbs
Basic Operating Weight 14,896 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight 23,500 lbs
Lear 60XR Cabin Details
Cabin Dimensions 17'8" x 5'1" x 5'9"
Cabin Volume 517
Seat Count 6-8