Falcon 2000 for Sale

Falcon 2000 Ownership Overview

Buyers typically don’t have a difficult time finding a Falcon 2000 for sale as since production began in 1995, more than 600 have hit the heavy jet market.

Falcon 2000 Cabin Experience

The Falcon 2000 is capable of transporting a maximum of 10 passengers and 2 crew members. The aircraft includes a lavatory at the aft end of its 30ft long cabin, set inside its more than 65ft long fuselage.

Total cabin space is roughly 1,030 cubic feet, allowing for a width of nearly 8ft and a height of more than 6ft. Typically, each passenger receives an astounding 75 cubic feet of space. The entry door is just under 6ft tall, and baggage is given 135 cubic feet of space all inside the aircraft, accessible during flight.

Falcon 2000 Mission Profile

Customers who buy a Falcon 2000 are those focused on long range, a spacious cabin, and the overall luxury Dassault has implemented in all their aircraft. This jet has a solid transcontinental range, as for a reference it can fly nonstop from Boston to San Francisco.

The height of the Falcon 2000 allows passengers to comfortably walk about the cabin in-flight, paired with it silent interior makes for an atmosphere conducive to business, and relaxation if desired. This jet is also very easy to take care of as its modern avionics system allows for fault-monitoring and troubleshooting when something goes awry.

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Falcon 2000 Cost to Own

Acquisition cost for the Falcon 2000 typically ranges from $7-$8 million, the same as the Falcon 2000EX and around $1.2 million more than the Challenger 604. When factoring in market depreciation, the Falcon 2000 costs a buyer the most of its competition between $3.0-$3.1 million a year.

Falcon 2000 Operating Cost

Falcon 2000 direct operating cost is $3,735 per flight hour, more than its two rivals. The Challenger 604 prices in at $3,445 while the Falcon 2000EX costs $3,230 per hour. The rate includes fuel burn and various maintenance, crew, and operating fees.

Annual fixed cost for the Falcon 2000 is the cheapest of the other jets ranging from $913,000-$917,000.

Falcon 2000 Performance Overview

The Falcon 2000 has many outstanding qualities in its class. It’s more economical than others from the same manufacturer, while not taking away from impeccable speed and range, paired with the luxurious interior. Flyers looking for aircraft for sale will find this one to be top of its class.

Falcon 2000 Engines

The Falcon 2000 is equipped with two General Electric CFE 738-1-1B engines with standard thrust reversers, and nearly 5,920lbs of thrust. The Falcon 2000 has a max cruise speed of 475kts, slightly lower than its rivals.

The aircraft can land and takeoff in the following field lengths:

  • FAR-91: 2,600ft
  • FAR-135: 3,250ft
  • FAR-121: 4,333ft

Falcon 2000 Payload

Max payload for the Falcon 2000 is 5,910lbs and it can transport that capacity almost 1,890nm. The Challenger 604 carries a max of 4,815lbs while the Falcon 2000EX can carry 6,510lbs.

Falcon 2000 Range

At long-range cruise, the Falcon 2000 has a range of 3,210nm with a typical passenger load. The Challenger outperforms it by roughly 800nm.

Falcon 2000 Specifications

Falcon 2000 General Info
Aircraft Class Heavy Jet
Aircraft Manufacturer Dassault Aviation
Aircraft Year of Manufacture 1993 - 2000
Falcon 2000 Financial Data
Acquisition Cost $6,750,000 - $8,250,000
Variable Cost $3,362 - $4,109/hr
Annual Cost $2,272,341 - $2,777,305
Fixed Cost $91,520 - $823,677
Market Depreciation $510,000
Retail Charter Rate $4,700/hr
Average Charter Net $1,465/hr
Falcon 2000 Performance Data
Fuel Burn 290 gal/hr
Max Cruise 480 kts
135 Landing 3,250 ft
135 Takeoff 3,250 ft
91 Landing 2,600 ft
91 Takeoff 2,600 ft
121 Landing 4,333 ft
121 Takeoff 4,333 ft
Max Payload 5,910 lbs
Basic Operating Weight 22,750 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight 35,800 lbs
Falcon 2000 Cabin Details
Cabin Dimensions 31' x 7'7" x 6'2"
Cabin Volume 1450
Seat Count 10-12