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    evoJets - A Private Jet Charter company, based in Aspen, Colorado offers the best air charter services with a strategic mix of unique programs designed to maximize the value of your private travel.

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    evoJets - Voted Best Private Jet Service by Inc Magazine guarantees best rates for private planes & charter flights to and from destinations across the globe. evoJets consistently delivers extraordinary value in private aviation by providing efficient flight services and honest consultation for our clients.

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    The safety, security, and confidentiality of our members are evoJets' top priorities. We work with only the top Air Carriers, exceeding FAA Part 135 requirements, to ensure the highest level of safety.

  • Shared Flights
    evoJets is host to an innovative flight matching club created to provide individuals and companies with the opportunity to reduce their private travel expense through flight sharing.

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  • Aviation Advisory Services
    To best serve you, our Aviation Advisory Team has intimate knowledge of third party programs which we strategically employ to maximize the value of your private jet travel.

    Designer Catering
    Our Nationally renowned chef creates a palate of tastes to elevate your travel experience. Recipient of Aspen & #39's Silver Fork Award, he will pilot you through a stratum of taste sensations. Off site services and custom menus available upon request.

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    One stop resource for the latest happenings in the private jet travel industry

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    We provide you with multiple options to contact evoJets and let us know your travel iternary so that our Jet Specialists can offer you the best private plane that suits your travel needs.

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New York - Miami

Gulfstream G-500 - Heavy Jet


White Plains - Burlington

Pilatus PC-12 - Executive Turboprop


Norfolk - Hartford

Hawker 400XP - Light Jet


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Top US Chartered Cities

New York, NY

Aspen, CO

Los Angeles, CA

Miami, FL

Chicago, IL

Houston, TX

San Francisco, CA

Dallas, TX

Las Vegas, NV

Denver, CO

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Cabo San Lucas

Dominican Republic



Hong Kong


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evoJets llc and evoJetShare llc do not own, maintain, or operate any aircraft. evoJets and evoJetShare are not direct or indirect air carriers. All advertised charter flight services are offered and provided by third party Federally licensed direct air carriers, certified under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 135 or Part 121 as issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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