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  • ClassHeavy Jet

  • ManufacturerDassault Aviation

  • Price (Per Hour) $ 4000 - $ 5200

  • Year of Manufacturer 1993 - 2000

The Dassault Falcon 2000, originally known as the Falcon X, was designed as a shorter range, slightly smaller version of the Falcon 900. It comfortably seats eight passengers and offers a pressurized, internally accessible baggage compartment.

The cabin of the Falcon 2000 features luxurious club seating for four, two more individual seats, and a three-place divan. It can be reconfigured for up to 12 passengers. There is also a full service galley and a private lavatory and dressing room.

The Falcon 2000 is powered by two General Electric / Honeywell CFE738-1-1B turbofan engines, as opposed to the 900’s trijet system which was designed for transcontinental flights. Other design changes include a shorter fuselage with a redesigned, area-ruled rear fuselage section, and wings with a modified leading edge. The cockpit employs Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 electronic flight and information system avionics.


  • Seats 9 - 12

  • Cabin (Length x Width x Height)31 ft. X 7.07 ft. X 6.02 ft.

  • Cabin Volume1450 cu. ft.

  • Baggage Capacity134 cu. ft.


  • Aircraft Range3375 Nautical Miles

  • Aircraft Speed Cruise531 MPH

Image Credits: Wo st 01 / CC BY-SA 3.0

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