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Charter a Falcon 10

Owned by the French manufacturer, Dassault Aviation, the Falcon 10 was created in the early 1970s as a scaled down version of the earlier Falcon 20. It was designed to fit the market space between the Falcon 20 and smaller turboprop business jets.

The original design for the Falcon 10 included turbojet engines, but in production they were replaced with Honeywell TFE31-2-1C turbofans. Despite the passage of time since the Falcon 10 went out of production, the aircraft is still considered to be a leader among other light jets in range and speed.

The pressurized, air-conditioned cabin can seat six passengers, with four in individual club seats and two on a rear bench seat. Some individual planes have been modified to hold eight. Amenities aboard include an enclosed lavatory and 12 cubic feet of interior baggage space.


  • ClassLight Jet

  • ManufacturerDassault Aviation

  • Seats 5 - 8

  • Cabin (Length x Width x Height)13.08 ft. X 4.09 ft. X 4.06 ft.

  • Cabin Volume292 cu. ft.

  • Aircraft Range1858 Nautical Miles

  • Aircraft Speed Cruise520 MPH

  • Baggage Capacity41 cu. ft.

  • Price (Per Hour) $ 2000 - $ 2500

  • Year of Manufacturer 1971 - 1982

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