To Fly Private or First Class ?

November 29th, 2011 by

The benefits of flying by private jet charter far outweigh the cost, especially when compared to commercial airlines, even with first class seating. The privacy, convenience, superior customer service, and sumptuous comfort of riding in a stylish private jet are light-years ahead of commercial service. Travelers who fly private also save time by flying in and out of smaller airports, closer to home or any destination, which many airlines do not service.

Upgraded seats on commercial aircraft can mimic the comfort of some private jets, but that’s really the only feature that can even come close. Commercial flights require passengers to spend hours waiting in lines and sitting on the tarmac, no matter what class seating they have. Yet private jets can be boarded and in the air in a matter of minutes, while passengers are still settling into their comfy leather seats.

There is an endless array of luxurious private aircraft to choose from, with cabins featuring everything from small refreshment centers to full-size galleys and even private offices and bedrooms. The selection of comfortable seating and in-flight features is vast, offering anything that private jet passengers could possibly need while in the air. When flying private, customers can also bring more passengers and carry more luggage for little to no extra cost, and many jets even offer in-flight accessible baggage compartments.

Private charter companies often offer extra services, such as catered dining and limousine service to and from the aircraft. Passengers can fly with children and pets without worrying about disturbing other travelers. And if customers wish to extend their trip, no problem ! The aircraft can wait for them. The overall best feature of flying private is the flexibility that is afforded by chartering a private jet that can adjust to every changing detail of your personal schedule.

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