Three Clever Ways to Convince Your Spouse to Fly Private

September 12th, 2012 by

Let’s face it – we love our significant others, but sometimes we need to employ harmless, mental tactics to groove them toward mutual relationship happiness. These measures are always in their best interest, of course, as well as ours. Such are the building blocks of love!

To that end, the next time your spouse says something horrifying like, ‘Maybe we should just fly commercial this time…’ apply these three simple methods and get yourself back in the charter club without a messy debate:

Well, There’s Always Next Year…

Never underestimate the power of missed opportunity. Get online and research an event or two occurring around the day you’re planning on flying to your destination. Find a concert, gallery opening, sporting event, wine tasting – whatever – that would happen to take place right before your arrival, should you have to fly commercial. ‘Too bad…’, you’ll say. ‘I guess we’re going to miss the car show that weekend.’ If you strum the right chord, they’ll crack.

It’s All About You, Honey!

It’s not that you don’t want every trip together to be a special event, but let’s be honest – sometimes a little deftly-placed extra romance can go a long way. Tell her that you want this trip to be all about the two of you, without extra hassle. Point out how flying private will allot you some much needed alone time. Just make sure to pack her favorite champagne and edibles, and you’re off. Instant intimacy at 15,000ft!

Reverse Psychology

Agree that maybe this time you should just take a commercial airline, and that it certainly is a sensible approach. However, if you aren’t flying private, you’ll need to of course begin visualizing your limited wardrobe in order to avoid annoying bag checks.  You should also book immediately and keep an eye out for discrete seat changes down the road so you don’t end up sitting apart, flanked by screaming babies. It’s all true, just make sure to mention it early and often, then when the time is right, casually suggest chartering you own flight. Fish in a barrel!

Enjoy your flight!

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