Private Jet Charter Safety Guide

December 1st, 2011 by

Aviation safety has never been a more important issue than today. When it comes to jet charter companies, many customers may wonder how to be sure they are not taking extra risks with their safety or that of their family, coworkers, company, or business prospects.

But fear not, private charter jets are often even safer than larger commercial jets. Charter service providers have to abide by stringent safety and security regulations equal to those followed by major airlines. The size difference between the aircraft and the number of passengers means charter operators always know who or what is on their jet.

The safety, security, and confidentiality of our members are evoJets’ top priorities. We work with only the top Air Carriers, exceeding FAA Part 135 requirements, to ensure the highest level of safety. Aircraft personnel are rigorously screened through background checks and many charter operators’ standards are even stricter than federal regulation requires.

On top of rules imposed by the FAA, evoJets also insists on further inspections by independent auditing companies such as Wyvern and ARG/US. These companies have their own safety requirements which all jet charter operators are expected to adhere to.

Two of the very first conditions listed in the ARG/US General Requirements are:

  • Management must have clearly defined safety as the number one company priority.
  • Safety is never sacrificed to satisfy passenger concern, convenience, or cost.
  • evoJets satisfies both the above mentioned conditions.

    If all of these reassurances do not fully assuage your fears, then further inquiries can also be made to absolutely assure any flight will be a safe one. Here are some important safety questions to ask us or any Jet Charter Service Providers when considering doing business with them:

  • What does the operator’s safety record look like? Have there been any aircraft accidents or incidents? If so, what measures have been implemented to solve the problem and increase safety?
  • Does the charter operator have audit ratings from an independent third-party organization? What were the audit results and how do they compare to other private charter providers?
  • What types of security procedures are used? Charter operators may be hesitant to detail their security procedures, but customers can still ask about what they will need to do to comply with the security program.
  • How often does the aircraft crew receive training and does it include more rigorous training beyond the minimum requirements established by the FAA? Is the training, both initial and recurrent, conducted in a simulator or the actual aircraft?
  • What is the charter service provider’s policy on crew flight time and work limits? If a customer trip will go beyond the crew flight limits, what would be done to provide the flight to the customer while maintaining their policies?
  • Passengers need to be aware of the rules and regulations during any jet charter flight, but it may be especially helpful to know the safety parameters to be followed when flying by private jet. We believe that all evoJets customers should be well-equipped to evaluate the vital safety information of any possible charter service providers for their private travel plans, because for us, Your Safety comes First!

    In case of any questions related to jet charter safety, please call us on 877-970-5387 or Request for a Quote on your preferred choice of private jet. For more information about evoJets, our founders and team, and private aviation topics, visit us on Twitter and Facebook!

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