Priorities for the Private Jet Traveller

November 27th, 2012 by

Everyone has different needs and priorities when it comes to their travel. Families with young children travelling to Aspen will have very different needs than a business executive flying to New York for a conference. Before you decide which on-demand private jet charter service provider is right for you, be sure to have a very clear understanding of what YOUR unique needs and priorities are.
Most private jet travelers fall into at least two of the following three categories when it comes to their priorities; Safety, Convenience, and Value.

  • If Safety is your number one priority (and it should be!) than you need to be sure you are working with a company that has very stringent and transparent safety standards. At a minimum, the aircraft that you are flying should have an “ARGUS Gold” safety rating and the company should be able to communicate this to you with documentation.
  • If convenience is one of your top priorities than there are several minimums as it relates to service that you should look for. Number one, you should have one single point of contact that is available to you 24/7/365 day or night. Number two, you want to be sure that you are working with a company that has a stellar reputation in terms of consistency and reliability. Look for awards and recognition from the general community.
  • Last but not least is Value. Virtually everyone wants to know that they are getting a good deal relative to what the market is offering. Our definition of value is getting the best possible price available in the marketplace without sacrificing safety and quality in any way. But a lot of companies say this – How do you know that you are really getting a fair price? This comes down to one thing, TRUST. Finding a company and a flight specialist that you can trust and that can consistently and transparently communicate how and why they are creating value for you is key!

One thing you should do is write down your needs so you can convey these to the charter service. One of the advantages of using a charter service like evoJets is that it is 100% flexible and completely adaptable.

  1. Do you have specific concerns?
  2. Is space to conduct business highly important?
  3. Are the meals important?
  4. Are you bringing pets onboard?
  5. Do you have a baby or small child?
  6. Do you have unusually large and bulky luggage like skis and boots?
  7. Do you require a wheelchair friendly aircraft?
  8. Is having an enclosed lavatory a priority for you?
  9. Do you have an ideal departure and arrival time?

These are the kinds of questions that you will need to consider and that a good Charter Flight Coordinator will want to discuss with you. A charter service is like a hotel concierge – looking to make your stay on the flight as enjoyable as possible and catering to your needs. But if you have any specific requests, you should let these be known ahead of time so they are addressed and be sure that you communicate to your point of contact exactly what your Flight Priorities are and what exactly it is you are trying to accomplish.

Now that you have an overview of the important factors considered for private travel and if you wish to charter other private aircraft with evoJets, please call us on 877-970-5387 or Request a Quote for your preferred choice of private jet. For more information about evoJets, our founders and team, and private aviation topics, visit us on Twitter and Facebook !

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