Obama bashes Taxes for Private Jets

December 1st, 2011 by

In a news conference, the president has stated that he believes it’s a “fair decision” for private jet owners to give up tax breaks on their private aircraft. “I don’t think that’s real radical” Obama said. Although this may not be as radical as the president makes it sound, Obama’s knowledge or lack thereof in the aviation industry leads him to believe that anyone making a salary within the $ 250,000 range is flying private.

President Obama’s remarks on business aviation were misleading and made it seem as if the industry does not support the economy enough as it is. The NBAA stated that the aviation industry is one of the remaining few industries that produces much-needed exports and contributes positively to the nation’s balance of trade. Additionally, most companies relying on a business airplane are small and mid-size companies. Obama happened to mention corporate jets six times in his remarks, while Aerospace industry tells Obama to cool it on bashing corporate jets. It makes it seem like the president has a vendetta out for corporate jet owners.

Being able to fly private without paying excessively should be a privilege available to all. Where as previously private jets may have been written off as an expense, the tax breaks may no longer be available, making it financially irresponsible/undesirable for an individual to own a private jet. However since the need to fly privately is still a necessity to many, evoJets may offer a more desirable option in the form of jet charters.

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