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November 30th, 2011 by

The recent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis which struck Japan on March 11th have caused enormous devastation, both physically and emotionally. In these dire times, Japan is in need of much support and international aid as it continues to cope with the tragedy and the unfolding nuclear disaster. One of the many forms of international assistance that has been and continues to be provided is that of transportation.

People from the disaster-struck region and those who were visiting the area from abroad have been migrating, both to other parts of the country and outside of Japan as well. International visitors are choosing to return home, and Japan’s refugees are seeking safety and security away from the present danger and the all-too-recent reminders of the initial calamity.

evoJets Charter has been actively involved in this process, employing private charter jets to help people move out of Japan to safer locations. The demand for private jet charter services has risen due to the great increase of people wishing to escape from the region and evoJets has stepped up to the plate.
Despite many statements made by the officials in Japan, the nuclear crisis continues to remain unstable, and there is really no telling when the situation will become under control and the danger will dissipate. Until that time, many citizens have been evacuated and many more have made voluntary migrations to safer regions, further away from the hazardous area.

For those who decide to make a move and evacuate, we at evoJets are ready and willing to help.

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Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected by the tragedy.

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