Cut Your Private Jet Travel Costs and How

December 1st, 2011 by

Summertime is a great time to travel ! Everything is green and lovely, the beach is inviting, and the urge to break away from your daily routine and take a vacation is stronger than ever. But private jet travel can be expensive ! – Especially in the summer when fuel prices are soaring and everyone else is looking to go on a trip as well. However, there are a few ways you can definitely cut costs and still enjoy your vacation this summer. Read on to find out how !

One of the best things you can do to save on aircraft charter travel is to be flexible with travel dates and times. The more flexible you are, the more options you have for taking advantage of empty-leg flights, discounted one-way pricing, and last minute deals. And prices for both flights and hotels may be lower on non-peak days like Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in contrast with the highest peak travel days – Fridays and Sundays.

Another idea which has gained a lot of popularity in recent months is to keep your travel local, or at least within the country. Take a form of satiation and fly to nearer destinations, and not only will your flight legs be shorter, but you will also use less fuel – and fuel is definitely expensive right now ! Private jet pricing is based on the number of hours in the air, so keep that down and you are bound to save. International fees can also be really high. Depending on your destination and the type of aircraft, fees for a single international flight can be anywhere from $ 1,500 to $ 4,500. So save your foreign trips for another time and instead explore some great American destinations this summer.

A final recommendation for saving money during your travels is to bring your own meals, at least on the flight. Catered food on board private jets is usually quite expensive and frankly, it’s not always very good! I have yet to find a catering company whose prices are actually justified by the quality of the food. A plate of finger sandwiches for six passengers can cost hundreds of dollars! Ridiculous, am I right ? I know of a client who ordered a turkey sandwich with chips and lemonade on a flight the other day – the cost was $ 83. In general, you are often better off ordering food from your favorite local restaurant and having it delivered to the aircraft, so that it’s on the plane and ready to go when you arrive. Or you might go to your local store and pick up a couple things for the flight. Quite a few of our clients will stop into Whole Foods on their way to the airport in order to avoid pricey catered meals.

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Did you find these suggestions helpful ? Please feel free to ask us questions, or share your own cost-cutting ideas for summer travel ! What other private travel topics are you interested in reading about in this blog?

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