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  1. Oct

    1. MLB World Series (all-day)
      Oct 27

      America’s Pastime has not lost any of its wonder. This year, the World Series takes place October 27th. Will this finally be the year the Cubs win the World Series?

      Probably not.

      But you can enjoy your favorite team in some of the most beautiful cities and stadia in the country, experiencing not only the baseball community, but the rich culture of the city.

      evoJets is also the leader in last minute private jet travel. If you have secured tickets to a World Series game and need to schedule your private jet flight as soon as possible, contact evoJets today.

      MLB World Series (all-day)
  2. Oct

    1. Denver International Wine Festival (all-day)
      Oct 28 – Oct 30

      For over 10 years, the Denver International Wine Festival has hosted 3 days of delicious wine from dozens of wineries, along with tastings and pairings from many local Colorado chefs.

      This year’s events start on October 28th, and are noted for their commitment to highlighting local fare, along with showcasing some of the best wines the city, state, country, and world have to offer.

      For those that need to book a private jet charter to Denver, call evoJets, the industry leader in private aviation solutions.

      Denver International Wine Festival (all-day)
  3. Nov

    1. Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show (all-day)
      Nov 5 – Nov 9

      The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show calls itself the number one boat show on the planet, and if they’re not #1, they’re probably at least in the top 5.

      From November 5th to November 9th, the Marina is filled with some of the best luxury yachts available in the United States and around the World, as well as a convention hall that is filled with quite literally hundreds of exhibitors.

      Stay at the Ritz Carlton or The Atlantic, and spend your days touring all of the beautiful boats and interesting offers that this event has available.

      Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show (all-day)
  4. Nov

    1. Kona Coffee Cultural Festival (all-day)
      Nov 6 – Nov 15

      The name “Kona” has long been associated with its incredible coffee. But it is also an amazing culture. The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival has been treating visitors to a chance to see all that Kona has to offer, from dance, to art, to food, to history, and more.

      Yet not to worry – this 10 day event starting November 6th also features plenty of local Kona coffee, as well as its own coffee farmer’s market for you to taste and take home some of your own. Fly into Kona International Airport in a private jet from evoJets and taste the coffee from the farmers that grew it.

      Kona Coffee Cultural Festival (all-day)
  5. Nov

    1. Napa Valley Film Festival (all-day)
      Nov 11 – Nov 15

      Napa may be known for its wine, but with its sophisticated aura and rich history, it is also a wonderful place to hold a film festival. The Napa Valley Film Festival starts November 11th, and ends November 15th.

      Combine wine, food, and over 100 films at this unique experience that brings about over 300 directors, actors, and film industry leaders. We at evoJets can book your private flight from Los Angeles to Napa if needed, or charter you to and from anywhere in the country so that you’re easily here in time to catch your first film.

      Napa Valley Film Festival (all-day)
  6. Nov

    1. Hamptons International Film Festival (all-day)
      Nov 12 – Nov 22

      It is an International Film Festival. It takes place in the Hamptons. That is likely enough for you to want to book your private jet charter today, especially if you are a film enthusiast.

      The “HIFF” is scheduled from November 12th to November 22nd, and features films from across the world, including:

      • Israel
      • Spain
      • Denmark

      HIFF is unique, in that it is designed not only to highlight independent filmmakers, as other film festivals do, but also to bring attention to global perspectives, challenges, and other films of meaning. Book a private jet to the Hamptons with evoJets and capture this outstanding event.

      Hamptons International Film Festival (all-day)
  7. Nov

    1. Polo at Palermo (all-day)
      Nov 14 – Dec 5

      The Argentine Polo Grounds in Palermo are some of the most unique and beautiful polo grounds in the world. Every year, the Campeonato ArgentinoAbierto de Polo (Spanish for Argentine Polo Open Championship) takes place at this historic venue, which has been active since 1893.

      For polo aficionados, or those that simply want to learn more about the prestigious sport, this is the most important event that polo has to offer, and brings out the most competitive leaders in this equestrian sport.

      If you are adventuring to Argentina to see this incredible champtionship event, charter a private jet to Palermo with evoJets.

      Polo at Palermo (all-day)
  8. Nov

    1. Los Angeles Auto Show (all-day)
      Nov 17 – Nov 19

      When you want to reach the rich and famous, you come to Los Angeles, which is why the Los Angeles Auto Show has one of the largest followings of any car show in the country.

      From November 17th to the 19th, the LA Auto Show features hours of presentations about the future of the auto industry, along with presentations from some of the leading brands in automobiles, including:

      • Alfa Romeo
      • Porsche
      • Jaguar

      You can also use this as an opportunity to network with other car owners, or spend your nights exploring all of Los Angeles County. If you need to book a private flight to Los Angeles to see this outstanding auto show, call evoJets today.

      Los Angeles Auto Show (all-day)