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Dedicated to keeping you up to speed on the hottest in elite travel destinations, behold the evoJets Top 10 Summer Hot Spots list!

These 10 locales have already been frequented by some of our most seasoned jet-setters this year and are guaranteed to exceed expectations. And just in case you aren’t fully aware of the level of luxury available in each, we’ve included links to some of our passengers’ favorite accommodations and fine dining options. Wheels up!

4th July Celebrations

1. Nantucket, MA

With July 4th right around the corner, what better way to celebrate our Nation’s independence than a trip to historic Nantucket Island? Home to some of the nation’s wealthiest citizens, celebrities and politicians, Nantucket continues to please the private travel crowd year after year. With pristine beaches, rich history and a regal serenity, Nantucket will always be a staple in classic American travel destinations.

Preferred Hotel: The Wauwinet
Recommended Restaurants: Pearl, Straight Wharf

2. Martha’s Vineyard, MA

The larger and more populated sister island of Nantucket, the Vineyard plays host to thousands of summer travelers every year. Brimming with rustic New England lure and Americana, Martha’s Vineyard combines centuries of traditional charm with modern class and elegance. Admire breathtaking sunsets, cliffside ocean views and lavish, charming accommodations that attract some of the country’s wealthiest travelers every season.

Preferred Hotel: Harbor View Hotel & Resort
Recommended Restaurants: Larsen’s Fish Market

3. Aspen, CO

Though we here at evoJets do have a soft spot for our home town of Aspen, one cannot deny the classic elegance of this popular getaway – especially our clients. With a steady influx of charter flight visitors, Aspen remains of the country’s most posh vacation destinations – and not only for its skiing. Nestled in a picturesque natural landscape, Aspen is one of the most beautifully situated gems in the Mountain region, and there is plenty to do in the summer, even for you ski fanatics.

Preferred Hotels: The Little Nell, Grand Hyatt Aspen
Recommended Restaurants: Cache Cache Bistro

4. Harbor Springs, MI

Not wanting to omit the entire Midwest as many top-10 travel guides often do, we bring you Harbor Springs, MI, a little-known lakeside pearl on the northernmost tip of Michigan. Boasting a vibrant boating community on gorgeous Lake Michigan and Little Travers Bay, Harbor Springs has made a name for itself as one of most lovely undiscovered resort towns in America. Explore Harbor Springs and see what some of evoJets’ most savvy travelers have been raving about.

Preferred Hotel: Inn at Bay Harbor
Recommended Restaurant: Stafford’s Pier Restaurant

5. Newport, RI

No summer top-10 list would be complete without mentioning one of the country’s most perennially popular destinations – the classically elite Newport, RI. With one of the most impressive arsenals of private yachting and sailing vessels calling Newport home for most of the summer, the waterfront real estate and tourism presence in this New England hot spot keep the charter jet crowd in seersucker blue every single season.

Preferred Hotels: Chanler at Cliff Walk, Castle Hill
Recommended Restaurants: Canfield House Restaurant , The Grill at 41 North

6. Napa Valley, CA

Southern areas like San Diego may have a more typical summer air, but some of our most seasoned flyers are booking trips to Napa this year. One of the most widely recognizable names in viticulture – that means ‘wine making’ – Napa attracts not only wine lovers, but anyone who enjoys sprawling rolling landscapes and quiet, clean air. There are hundreds of vineyards and wineries to explore, and some of the most lavish places to sleep and dine in all of the Golden State.

Preferred Hotel: Calistoga Ranch
Recommended Restaurant: The French Laundry

7. Jackson Hole, WY

Located in the mountains of western Wyoming, Jackson Hole is a preferred oasis by many evoJets private travelers. With nearby Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park and the National Elk Refuge, there is an ample amount of natural American beauty to enjoy when visiting Jackson Hole. But don’t let the rustic mountain surroundings fool you – this popular retreat boasts a bustling downtown area with wonderful upscale hotels and restaurants.

Preferred Hotels: Amangani Resorts, Four Seasons Jackson Hole
Recommended Restaurant: Snake River Grill

8. Missoula, MT

Known as the ‘Garden City’ for its rich forested surroundings and abundance of rivers and lakes, you may not find a more fresh and natural destination on this list. Razed from the bed of the no-longer existent Glacial Lake Missoula, this mountain oasis sits at the feet of five distinct mountain ranges and is home to some of the region’s most vibrant wildlife and vegetation.

Preferred Hotel: Paws Up
Recommended Restaurant: Red Bird Restaurant

9. Kauai, HI

Not much need be said to invoke excitement about any Hawaiian destination, but this year it seems that Kauai is the preferred Polynesian island of our elite jet-set travelers. Kauai is rich with temperate forests, rushing rivers and waterfalls and is one giant island adventure waiting to be had. Helicopter tours and action activities like zip-lining and water tubing are available by day, while brilliant sunsets and incredible ocean views are at the ready by night.

Preferred Hotel: Grand Hyatt Kauai
Recommended Restaurant: Luau Kalamuku

10. Amelia Island, FL

Located just off the shores of northeast Florida, Amelia Island is another lesser-known vacation destination of many evoJets charter flights. Voted #5 on Conde Naste’s Top-10 North American Islands list, Amelia is home to unforgettable beaches, abundant native wildlife and luxurious accommodations. Whether walking its peaceful sandy shores or hitting some of Florida’s finest golf courses, Amelia is an island paradise mere miles off our coast.

Preferred Hotel: Ritz Carlton Amelia Island
Recommended Restaurant: Le Clos

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