Empty Legs – Smart Way to Indulge in Private Jet Travel

November 21st, 2011 by

Looking for a good deal on a one-way private jet trip? You may be able to purchase a ticket for an empty leg flight at a marked down price. If you have a flexible schedule, flying on an empty leg – also known as a deadhead – is a smart way to save a lot on private flights.

Most jet charter flights are purchased as a round trip package in which the customer’s trip starts and ends at the same location. But if a passenger will be spending more time at their destination or does not want to make a return trip, the jet will often fly back to its home base empty, hence “empty leg.”

For example, a passenger wants to charter a jet one-way from Chicago to San Diego. If that jet’s home base is in Chicago, it will need to be returned to the Windy City, with or without any passengers. Or it may need to fly to another city, perhaps Dallas, to pick up another passenger for a different destination. Either way, someone has to pay the cost of that empty leg. Customers may be required to pay a surcharge to cover empty return flights or repositioning fees, but if the charter company can sell the return flight to another traveler, costs may be reduced all around.

Jet operators typically offer empty leg flights at a reduced price, similar to the way airlines will sell empty seats for great deals at the last minute. However, such flights are subject to sudden changes or cancellations based on the initial flight that would create the empty leg in the first place. When you make plans to utilize one of these great deals, make sure you double check on the details: the empty leg flight may not be guaranteed or rescheduled for the same price if the origination flight is cancelled. Also, be sure to ask about the cost of any other fees and airport taxes.

Some say that empty legs make up for more than a third of all private business jet flights, though there is no firm data to support this statement. Most of these flights are to and from popular destinations worldwide, making it easier to find an empty leg to such locations.

Purchasing an empty leg flight should not be confused with purchasing a simple one-way charter flight – they are not quite the same thing. One-way flights frequently cost more per hour than a typical round-trip flight, but the customer does not have to pay for the returning empty leg. But when you buy an empty leg flight, it should not cost the regular price-per-hour, it should be significantly less.

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